All Moslem men and child prostitution in Thailand Gee, it seems that every time BM comes b

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All Moslem men and child prostitution in Thailand From: "Robert Knowles" Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism Gee, it seems that every time BM comes back to alt.atheism, his secret obsession with child prostitution in Thailand always reappears. I've seen no less than a dozen posts recently in which he projects his sick obsession onto the atheists (his extreme form of denial certainly makes me suspicious). So, without further ado, I am reposting part of an article which appeared in The Dallas Morning News, Sunday, March 21, 1993, which describes the real situation of Moslem men taking advantage of children in Thailand. After reading this, you can decide for yourself who has the better "morality," atheists or Moslems. Trading Away Youth (excerpt from pg. 34, column 2) "Muslim men flock to southern Thailand for the sex they cannot obtain in their own countries. In some southern Thai cities, says child-rights worker Sanphasit Koompraphant, 'every day you can see buses coming from Singapore---- and their passengers are 100 percent men. In every block, there is a hotel 20 stories. There is no tourist business there, no industry - only lumber plantations and sex services'" Well, there you have it. I guess BM is still irritated that those nasty Thai children are accepting money from all those nice Moslems in return for sex because it makes Islam look so bad. But I guess we can all rest assured that these men are all really atheists and all the children are atheists, so it is not a problem with the absolutely perfect moral sense instilled in all the Moslem men who pray 5 times a day, read the Koran, and then charter a bus to Thailand for sex with children. No, Islam is perfect and so are all its followers (it's those damned atheists who are ruining the world). (Try not to let BM know about this, though, it just doesn't fit in with his myth of the perfect Moslem world). ================================================================ From: "Shaik Mahbooty" Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism > DATE: Sat, 18 Sep 1993 19:41:36 GMT > FROM: S.N. Mozumder >BM> In thailand, prostituition is rampant. Yes, and Moslem men are lining up by the thousands each day to participate. Chartered buses from Malaysia and Singapore and chartered flights from the Middle East make sure the evil atheistic empire of Thailand has plenty of Allah-fearing, respectable Moslem customers for their prostitutes. Many of these men are spreading AIDS back to their wives and children as a result. And the Moslem separatists in southern Thailand also add to the problem by bombing the schools where little children who are not prostitutes attend. I guess the Moslems want the children to stop going to schools and go into prostitution to satisfy the lusts of all the perverted Moslem men who keep visiting the country looking for sex with children (I guess their own children won't have anything to do with them any more).


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