To: All May-18-94 18:47:26 Subject: More power...

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From: Todd Rourke To: All May-18-94 18:47:26 Subject: More power... PROVIDENCE, RI - Local FM radio station, 94.3 WHJY, is under fire. What is being contested? Could it be shock jock radio shows? Perhaps uncensored lyrics in the songs they play? No... WHJY is under attack for a billboard. Appearing at the Thurbers Avenue curve on interstate route 95 is a billboard that proclaims: "MORE POWER THAN GOD! 50,000 watts 94 HJY". It seems local church and religious groups are offended by the billboard and have asked the radio station to remove the sign and apologize for the offense. HJY's public statement thus far has been "no offense was intended." There are no plans to remove the sign. -TR ... To make the individual uncomfortable, that is my task. - Nietzsche


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