Miracles, Prayer and Prophets - the very idea! If there is a God, it certainly isn't a mys

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Miracles, Prayer and Prophets - the very idea! ---------------------------------------------- If there is a God, it certainly isn't a mysterious and strange thing. Awesome perhaps, but not fogged in the unknown. God would hold the keys to the universe. The idea of mystery is to cloud the truth, obscure and distort facts. In this sense then, to God nothing is a miracle. A supreme being of the universe with unlimited power could just as easily create one star or billions of them. Therefore miracles don't exist. Currently, as human beings we have, and are continuing to compile, laws of nature. When something occurs for which we have no explanation, or is outside of the laws as we currently know them, we can't call it a "miracle" since we have no way to determine whether anything that seems wonderful or miraculous is not within some natural laws yet unknown to us. A person recovering from an illness cannot be considered a miracle as such events happen with or without prayer, and just as often fail without or without prayer and eventually the person is going to die anyway. As with a miracle, prayer is a subjective tool that one cannot measure the effectiveness of since there is no way to go back in time and repeat an event without prayer. Therefore there is no way to prove that prayer works at all or that miracles exist. The only thing one can prove about prayer is that you can immediately and always cause it to fail. (Get on your knees and ask that all starvation in the world be eliminated immediately and forever. Didn't work - how come?) Ask an octogenarian what they would think if, when they were a teenager, they were shown modern science from the 1980s? They would probably think they were witnessing miracles. Since appearances are deceptive, and unreal things just easily resemble real ones, it is inconsistent and foolhardy to suppose that a God would use them. That would subject the person who performed or experienced them to the suspicion of being an imposter, a liar, insane, or a quack, and the subsequent doctrine intended to be supported would thereby be suspected as being a fabrication. In this way God couldn't be sure that his doctrine would get around and sink in sufficiently. A miracle demonstrates an inherent lame and weak structure of a doctrine so preached. It is degrading to make a God out to be a showman, performing tricks for amusement to make people stare and wonder. A real God wouldn't have to perform magic acts to make someone believe in him. If he's God he can cause it to occur without demonstrations. A person's belief should not to depend on miracles, but on the credit of the reporter. If a real miracle were to occur it would be subjected to the same fate as a lie. And there has been no world-wide miracle that everyone has experienced. So, why would God have a man show miracles to a dismal few to prove to everyone that he exists? A miracle is something that must deviate from nature to accomplish it. If we have a man who says he saw one, felt one, or experienced one, is it more probable that nature deviated from its laws, or that the guy would tell a lie, or have been brain-washed into believing it? We have no documented record of nature going out of its course, but we have good evidence to show that billions of lies have been told and that millions of people have been deceived. The odds are trillions to one, that the reporter of a miracle is telling the truth. A prophet is a modern invention and the very meaning of the words have been changed from originally meaning "poets" to "revealers of the word of God." Prophesies fall under the same silly category as miracles. The people to whom a prophecy is being told can't tell whether the man is prophecising or lying through his teeth; whether it had been actually revealed to him, or whether he made the whole thing up. And if the prophecy should occur, among the millions of daily events, nobody would again know whether he predicted it, or guessed; whether he is another Uri Geller or a real prophet of God. A prophet, therefore, is as a useless, unreliable and unnecessary instrument as prayer is. If God knows what you are thinking, why bother to repeat it to him outloud? Why would God only pick a single person to have things revealed to, and in so doing create a stir of doubt in the process? God wouldn't be able to guarantee that his desires would be distributed and fulfilled. And if he wants everyone to be saved and go to heaven, why doesn't he just do it? The whole concept of heaven and hell is ridiculous! No one wants to go to hell and certainly would make no effort to do so if they knew the possibility existed. So how can someone be sentenced to eternal hell because the word was inadequately spread through a shakey, unreliable, unprovable, unbelievable set of books and men? How many people would go out on a murderous rampage if the prophet or leaders of their religion asked them to begin an all out campaign against people with opposing views? Hitler was a Roman Catholic. Nazis were Catholic and Lutherans and had "Gott mit uns" stamped onto their daggers. Suppose a prophet or leader became criminally insane or stricken with Alzheimers disease? Recently, this happened to the Mormon church who maintained throughout the many months that their leader was incapacitated that he was "having meetings and conducting business." 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