Rowan Moonstone on 93:9660/0 'Christian Students Die' another article from 'Walkaway' Spri

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Rowan Moonstone on 93:9660/0 "Christian Students Die" another article from "Walkaway" Spring 1991 "Christian Students Die "Five students who attended a school operated by the Faith Tabernacle Congregation in Philadelphia died in February and March during a measles epidemic. None had received immunization shots for measles; the parents of the deceased children believe that healing comes from God and avoid doctors and modern medicine. "One nine year-old girl reportedly vomited for four days before dying. The measles epidemic affected over 500 Philadelphia children. Of the seven who died, five were members of the Faith Tabernacle Congregation. "Judgbe Edward Summers ordered the fundamentalistic school closed until the epidemic passed and ordered parents to have their children immunized. He also directed Faith Tabernacle to notify the city whenever any child missed more than three days of classes at the church-run school." BB Rowan


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