Subject: Me, Her, Mao and God Date: 20 Apr 90 10:42:00 GMT Howdy! My wife, who is from the

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From: n101dq@tamunix (John Williams) Subject: Me, Her, Mao and God Date: 20 Apr 90 10:42:00 GMT Howdy! My wife, who is from the Peoples Republic of China, and I have been discuusing Maoism and communism vs Democracy and Capitalism. She is a lawer and teacher of law from Fudan University in Shanghi. As a child and student in China she was in the young pioneers and the Red Guard. She used to attend many meetings and rallys and what not and has plenty of observation time and personal experience of events that has occured in China up until 2 years ago. She has since been working and attending graduate school studying socialwork and large organization theory. Upon arriving in this country she was extreemly curious about the culture and people that inhabit this land. We thus began to attend lectures, social events, etc. We also attended religeous services by various denominations. The first comment she made after attending a religeous service was that the people behaved exactly like the people in a rally for Mao. They were emotional, sheepish, easily swayed by the speaker, and almost in a kind of drug induced reverie. I should note that all the people were from U.Texas! They were however acting, in her opinion, exactly like converts to Maoism. Other denominations were similar but to varying degrees. At first she thought certain religious denominations were quite good and she began to consider joining one (Presbaterian). But after attending 3 times she changed her mind (Her english is very good, but not perfect). Her reasons for change-of-mind was the complete bite of hook line and sinker of the minister and his flock of their "ideology". There was no room for skeptical behavor or thinking. The most important characterization of all the denominations was we felt, that all people that belonged were there for emotional reasons and not rational ones. For those atheists who persist in trying to convince anyone who holds such deep beliefs, as the belief in God, by using rational or worse yet logical reasons, why they should not are probably wasting your time. Their belief will support any line of reasoning required because belief is fundamentally EMOTIONAL. As an atheist I have never really cared what my religeous buddies thought nor have I cared much for the thinking of Liberal atheists (like commies, and socialists). We don't need Mao, God, Big Govt., or any "thing" to watch over us and keep us safe. So what do we need? Shiner Bock Beer. _____________________________________________________________________________ Life aint worth living unless you are convinced you are just dead meat. I would like to be a physicist. make that a RICH physicist.....Amen Bye bye got to godot.... ________________________________________________________________________


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