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From: John Musselwhite Kill To: Liz Saunders Msg #793, 21-Jul-93 10:57am Subject: Re: Bible Promise Hi Liz! Thursday July 15 1993, Liz Saunders writes to Tyler A. Wunder: LS> Okay, you've got me on that. I'm taking a course right now at the LS> University of Toronto and we were told that James only had a translation LS> done from the original Greek/Aramaic. I'd be interested in a citation LS> though, 'cause my prof's really good and loves this kind of stuff being LS> brought to light. James had very little translation done. The majority of the work was done by William Tyndale, who was burned at the stake for willfully perverting the meaning of the scriptures in 1536. The KJV took into account the Tyndale Bible, the Cloverdale Bible of 1535, the Matthew Bible of 1537, the Great Bible of 1539, the Geneva Bible of 1560, the Bishop's Bible of 1568 and the English translation of the Latin Vulgate of 1582. (source: The New Oxford Annotated Bible, page xi) I would be VERY interested in his sources if he says James had a translation done from the original Greek (or Aramaic).


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