BUGS BUNNY IS GOD There is a spiritual reformation going on today! People are abandoning t

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BUGS BUNNY IS GOD ================= There is a spiritual reformation going on today! People are abandoning their old, narrow, crusty realities! People are adopting a new, enlightening, fresh religion! And that religion is Bugs! Yea, Bugs Bunny is LORD GOD ALMIGHTY! Some of you unbelievers may consider Bugs Bunny mere foolishness! You cling to your "evolution" and "skepticism" in an effort to deny Bugs! But consider this: everything has a cause! And so the universe itself must have a cause! That cause is Bugs! Yea, Bugs is the creator of the universe! And Bugs is in charge of the universe! Do you know what happens to those who refuse Bugs? Eternal torment! Yea, the fiend Yosemite Sam is armed with a pitchfork! Yosemite Sam delights in tormenting the souls of fools! It is difficult to see why anyone would want to deny Bugs! If you accept Bugs and are wrong, then you lose nothing! If you reject Bugs and are wrong, then you suffer Damnation! Bugs does not only demand belief, but also virtue! Do not follow the ways of the Daffy Duck! Daffy Duck is a greedy fool and that is his downfall! If you are greedy then that will be your downfall! Do not think that rat-racing for riches will bring the blessing of Bugs! Bugs is not blinded by the glitter of gold! Take care to avoid foolishness! There is nothing worse to Bugs than a foolish human! Foooishness is the domain of Elmer Fudd! Elmer Fudd is always trying to tame nature for "honor" and "glory"! This is foolish, for Bugs is a God of Nature and cannot be tamed! If you try to tame nature, then you will end up being tamed by Bugs! Yea, Bugs will use his Supernatural Powers to confuse you! Once you are confused you are more open to suggestion! Have no doubt that Bugs will use that opportunity! Bugs will do many wacky things inside your head! But remember that Bugs is a benevolent god! Bugs brings illumination! When Bugs has entered your life you become free of foolish belief! Imagine those painful and obsolete beliefs falling away! Imagine the wonderful and absolving relief you will feel! Do not think that mere intellect is enough! There is no creature with more intellect than Bugs! But even Bugs knows that intellict is not enough! Wile E. Coyote is a super-genius, but he never wins! The quickness of the Roadrunner is enough to foil the genius of the Coyote! What Wile E. Coyote lacks is luck! And Bugs is an infinite fountain of luck! There is always a rabbit hole nearby for Bugs to jump into! Guns pointed at Bugs will always backfire! Falling objects such as anvils will always miss Bugs! Tree branches will always float in the air while Bugs is standing on them! There is a reason that the rabbit foot is a token of luck! That reason is Bugs Bunny! But you need no animal limb to share in the luck of Bugs! Bugs requires no animal sacrifice! Bugs is happy to share his luck with his followers! All you need is faith in Bugs and luck will follow! Beware, Bugs has many enemies! Foolish humans who have no sense of humor are an enemy of Bugs! Bugs brings vast quantites of humor unto his followers! Humor is essential to spiritual growth! The humorless would seek to deprive you of this precious humor! Beware the grim heretics who would turn you against Bugs! They may say that Bugs is too silly to be the Lord God but they are wrong! The grim ones have no slack in their lives! The grim ones are stuck in a dark, humorless reality! The lord of the grim ones knows no laughter! The lord of the grim ones tolerates no irreverence! The lord of the grim ones wants you to stop thinking! Reject the lord of the grim ones! Reject the grim ones when they try to subvert your faith! Laugh in the faces of the grim ones! Laugh in the knowledge that you know the way of Bugs! Laugh at the foolishness that surrounds you! Let your levity raise you above the foolishness in the world! Abandon the chains of your ancestors, for they only weigh you down! Abandon the chains of your past sins, for Bugs brings redemption! Abandon the chains of your masters, for one who knows Bugs is free!


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