to: David Worrell DW> ... So many Christians; so few lions. What have you got against perf

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from: Sean McCullough to: David Worrell DW> ... So many Christians; so few lions. What have you got against perfectly good lions? What has a Lion ever done to you, that you would take vengeance on it by feeding it such nutrition-free viands as Christians??!!?? Antonius: "Marcus, I've got a problem. The Lions aren't performing up to snuff. And if they're not back to their old selves by next Sunday's Circuses, it'll be ME in the arena with them!!" Marcus: "You've been feeding those Lions on a diet containing almost all Christians again, havent you? Naughty boy, Antonius! Try feeding them on Purita Lion Chow for the intervening week! Lion Chow is made from only the finest gladiatorial slaves, well fed for a year after capture, and then sacrificed to a respectable Pagan Deity. You'll discover that your Lions' central nervous systems work LOTS better when they are fed people who still HAVE central nervous systems!" <> Antonius: "Marcus, you're a wonder! That Purita Lion Chow saved my barbecued bacon! When Caesar Augustus witnessed Sunday's Circuses, he was thoroughly impressed! My Lions *destroyed* 25 gladiators, and did half the Christians in Rome in as well!" Marcus: "I TOLD you that your Lions would do better on food made from critters with BRAINS!" Announcer: "Purita Lion Chow. The Lion food for those who are SERIOUS about success in the Circus business! Only 10 sesterces a pound, available at finer feed and tack stores throughout the Empire!" ataraxia -- Sean


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