To: Paul Boyer Msg #433, 31-Aug-93 04:36pm Subject: Lio

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From: Sean McCullough Kill To: Paul Boyer Msg #433, 31-Aug-93 04:36pm Subject: Lion Feeding Salve, Paulo!! Benevolentiae!! You were saying: > I take my pet lion to church every Sunday. He has to eat! You must not be very fond of your Lion. Don't you know that a steady diet of Christogrovellers is VERY BAD for Lions?? It's what's to those Lions what a diet of pure cholesterol would be to a human!! Lions need to eat humans with Brains, Backbone, Chutzpah, and Education to remain healthy!! Christogrovellers do NOT possess these vital nutrients!! You better get with the stick, Paul. Purita Lion Chow, available at better feed and tack stores throughout the Imperium Romanum and at selected Silk Road exit stations, is made from only the finest and most healthy Pagan Gladiatorial Slaves, killed honorably in armed combat Games sanctified to a RESPECTABLE Deity/ies, and instantaneously transported fresh to our modern processing facilities nearby to every major Colisseum where such Games occur!! Fresh, stable, and PACKED with nutrients, Purita Lion Chow is really the very BEST food for your Lions' maintenance and health! Once you have your Lion on Purita, an occasional treat of a few Christogrovellers won't hurt your Lion. But don't rely on Christoids for basic nutrition -- it's just NOT good for 'em!!! (-: <*> :-) atarACKsia -- Sean --- FMail 0.94 * Origin: Embrace the Chaos 'cause It's embracing YOU!! The Vox! (1:128/68.2)


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