TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN... a writin fro th botto o m heart...plea

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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN... a writin fro th botto o m heart...pleas hel me fee a i a close off completel separate fro what is reality in this lifetime. a i wha appear t b larg bottle whos edge ar smoot contou an transparent ca diml se th going o i th worl aroun m bottle; ye, canno clearl se th participants fo the see lik trees Som o thes tree ar movin an bearin fruit whil other ar still an silent an bearin n frui a all Som o th tree tha ar bearin n fruit an ar dead ar falling A thes dea tree fall the ar knockin othe tree dow whic ar i ther path I wasn' i thi bottle woul war th livin tree o th dea one whic ar fallin an destroyin the tha ar alive I onl wasn't in this bottle... Ther i onl on thin presen wit m i thi bottle I looks lik littl book ha ofte looke a th book ye di no pic i up wa ofte curiou o wha migh b i th book ye didn' fin tim t examin it eve i thi bottl wher muc tim wa give me bega t wonde i m neglec o th boo ha cause m capitivity. wen ove t th book an picke i up A did th bottl immediatel fille wit ligh seve times suddenl wa ver hungry... ver grea hunger fel compelle t ea th book ye di no fee righ t d s ... ha neglecte i fo s long...shoul i no b m food? I did not feel worthy. M lip quickl fel hot a i burnin coa ha lighte o them M hunge fo th boo wa di eat Th tas o th boo wa surprising I wa swee lik honey...yet a bega t remembe th dea fruitles tree destroyin th one tha ha life...m stomac becam bitter, because of the little book. Th boo instille i m grea desir t shar i wit others...t hel an warn those sa a trees fro their fat o bein to clos t th tree tha ha n frui o them wante no onl t shar wit th tree tha saw, but others besides them that may be far away. A ha thes thought, th bottl seeme t fad i an out Fo th firs tim bega t se tha th tree wer reall sheep an th tree tha sa a dea havin n fruit wer reall shee tha ha lef thei Shepherd als sa othe things Thing tha th Shepher wa leadin hi floc awa from Thes thing looke goo t bega contemplatin wha i woul b lik t hav thos things... als remembere th dea tree again Bu soo bega formin thought o ho nic i woul b fo m t hav thos thing o whic saw Lif woul b comfortabl fo me.. thought a viewe an desire th thing tha saw In my heart I went after those things an wa fo tim comfortable bu wa soo agai enclose i m bottle I ha onl take th tim t liste t th Goo Shepherd


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