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Comments: Gated by NETNEWS@AUVM.AMERICAN.EDU Path: ncsuvm!psuvm!auvm!VTVM2.CC.VT.EDU!MKLINE Message-ID: Newsgroups: bit.listserv.christia Date: Mon, 22 Jul 91 21:17:21 EDT Sender: CHRISTIA@ASUACAD From: MKLINE%VDH.bitnet@VTVM2.CC.VT.EDU Subject: American Center For Law and Justice Subject: American Center For Law and Justice I got this from the 700 Club, and make no advertisement for them, but thought this was interesting in terms of how Russia and the USA are appearing to change places... I have just received fabulous news from Eastern Europe and alarming news from America. As you know, the Communist governments of the Soviet Union and their satellites brutally enforced atheism. They taught atheism, practiced atheism, and preached atheism. Christianity was systematically repressed. There was an absolute wall of separation between church and state, the church and school. Now they realize that without God the lives of the people had no meaning. Life was dull, purposeless, aimless. People had no hope and no incentive. Only endless monotony and drudgery. Alcoholism skyrocketed; the number of babies born plunged. Now that communism has been overthrown, (CAPS ARE UNDERLINED THAT I CAN'T SHOW AS UNDERLINED.) THE GOVERNING AUTHORITIES IN ROMANIA AND THE SOVIET UNION ARE DOING EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER NOT JUST TO PROVIDE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, BUT ACTIVELY TO PROMOTE RELIGIOUS VALUES TO THEIR PEOPLE -- ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN. In Russia they are sponsoring lectures on creationism as an alternative to evolution. In Romania the government is asking the churches to send teachers of religion into their schools! These nations followed atheistic insanity over the precipice of economic, political, and social disaster. Now they are trying to claw their way back out of the abyss. Yet instead of being warned by these Communist disasters, the ACLU, the radical feminist, the militant homosexuals, Planned Parenthood, radical atheists and anti-Christian bigots are still using the courts in America to destroy the religious life of America's little children. Consider these words uttered in a U.S. Federal Court by a District Court Judge. "The Supreme Court has essentially ruled God out of the schools of America as an object of devotion." Don't these words spoken in a Federal Court in 1991 chill your heart. (Following was capitalized AND underlined. Now what do I do.) "THE SUPREME COURT HAS RULED GOD OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS OF AMERICA." How dare they? How dare a Jewish atheist father bring a lawsuit in Rhode Island to prevent a Jewish rabbi from offering a prayer to God at a high school graduation ceremony? How dare two layers of federal judges agree that God -- the Author of life, the Sustainer of the universe, the Judge of all the earth -- could be ruled by them out of the classrooms of Rhode Island just to satisfy the anti-religious venom of one atheist? I believe that we cannot allow to happen in America what happened behind the Iron Curtain. We must fight these attacks on our freedoms in the courts, on the airways, and at the ballot box. (I am not encouraging you to send money, but to discuss what you think about a group like this.) The good news is that we here at CBN have launched the American Center For Law and Justice. This center, in association with Regent University Law School, will got o court to fight for the rights of Christian people and to prohibit the ACLU anymore from taking away our religious values. To enter lawsuits, prepare briefs, travel to places of injustice costs money. But with the present conservative majority on the Supreme Court we can begin to win. We can drive the ACLU back into the fringes of society from where they came and guarantee to our children a society that once more it is "One nation under God." To do it, we need your help. Help to broadcast the truth, to minister to God's people, and to fight for your rights. This month we celebrate the Declaration which declared our inalienable rights under our Creator.... (asking for funds continues... Like I said, I'm not trying to get anyone to send funds, but to see what you might think about it. This is an attempt to fight back. I would think this is noble. I'm reminded of Ester who basically changed the politics and saved the Jews. Now we have courts, and this organization is arming itself to fight "them" where "they" operate.) In His Love, Michael A. Kline, Sr. SSE Tech Support Manager 804-786-1559 Home: Va Dept of Health (FAX: 804-371-9237) 13308 Thornridge Ct. 1500 E Main St. Room 211-3 Midlothian, VA 23112 Richmond, Virginia 23219 804-744-9126 "Know God, Know Peace" "No God, No Peace"


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