Quoting directly from 'Freethought Today' -- 'RAINBOW MAN' OUT OF LIMELIGHT The religious

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Quoting directly from "Freethought Today" -- "RAINBOW MAN" OUT OF LIMELIGHT The religious zealot known for waving "John 3:16" signs before national cameras at sports events while wearing a colorful wig was sentenced in July to three life terms for holding a maid hostage in a hotel and making terrorist threats. The pastor of Rollen Frederick Stewart, 48, insisted that Stewart didn't mean any harm. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LOSES CASE A Minneapolis jury awarded $5.2 million in damages in August to the father of a diabetic boy, 11, who died when his Christian Scientist mother and stepfather treated his illness with prayer instead of insulin.... FREETHINKERS PROTEST SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF GIRLS AT RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS Authorities should be investigating sexual harassment of female students at religious schools in Mobile, Alabama, following revelations that at least two Christian schools there have forced girls to lift their skirts for panty checks, and a Catholic school recently sent home 60 girls, claiming their skirts were too short. YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOU'RE READING THIS GOP defectors in Ventura County, California, are forming their own party: the Puritan Party. Just like the Puritans of yore, they want a theocracy based on the Bible, "from which all reason, all law, all institutions for the governing of men must be measured." DEMAGOGUERY AT WORK? Media personality and would-be politician Pat Buchanan, addressing 2000 Christian conservatives in September, stated: "Our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity and that is the truth that makes men free." DINOSAURS NOT "KOSHER" Ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Israel, claiming dinosaurs contradict Genesis, are insisting that a company they certify as kosher must remove dinosaur images from its products. "It's inconceivable that we should give our seal of approval to a product that is imbuing Orthodox children with heresy," said Rabbi Zvi Gafner. "The dinosaur is presented in encyclopedias as an animal that is millions of years old, despite the fact that the world was created only 5,753 years ago."* GALLUP WILDLY INFLATES CHURCH ATTENDANCE A study recently presented to the American Sociological Association disputes a 1992 Gallup poll reporting church attendance at 45% for Protestants and 51% for Catholics. Gallup polls for years have reported attendance at more than 40% nationally for all denominations. A study partly based on actual head counts reports only 20% of Protestants and 28% of Roman Catholics attend church in any given week. "What the Polls Don't Show: A Closer Look at U.S. Church Attendance" by Kirk Hadaway, Penny Long Marler and Mark Chaves, will be published in the December issue of the _American Sociological Review_. Gallup's reports directly contradict church membership reports. Most denominations are not growing, the researchers noted. *This means the earth was "created" in EXACTLY 3760 B.C.


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