Subject: White Supremacy Groups in the US (was Re: Anti-German Bigotry) My husband and I w

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From: (krista.j.anderson) Subject: White Supremacy Groups in the US (was Re: Anti-German Bigotry) Message-ID: <> <> <> My husband and I were angered to read an article that said that Germany is building a factory in Iraq that could support a huge piece of artillery to fire on Israel. When we hear about Germans killing Jews, we wonder if anything has changed. After WWII, how come Japan was not allowed to rebuild a military, but Germany was? If German citizens don't want to be thought of as warlike and aggressive, they will have to stop doing warlike and aggressive things. Yes, I know the same could be said of the United States. Also, I, too once received a rude remark from a former concentration camp prisoner. I didn't like it, but I couldn't blame him for his emotions. I am not German, but my ethnic background is northern European, including a little German. It makes me feel disgusted to realize that the Aryan Nations would consider me one of them. Well, I am not one of them. But if I look like them, it only makes me feel more strongly that I must fight for human rights and against racism. I must prevent "my" people from doing what they have done in the past. More generally but more locally speaking, I want my nation to show integrity and compassion rather than expedience and racism. There are specific groups I want to work against. Despite some of the names, all are racist, white supremacist organizations. I wouldn't violate their rights, but would like to use every legal means possible to fight them. They are: A. KLAN 1. American Knights of the KKK, Ca 2. Christian Knights of the KKK, NC 3. Florida White Knights, Fla 4. Invisible Empire, Knights of the KKK, Conn 5. Knights of the KKK, Ala 6. New York White Knights, NY 7. Northwest Territory Knights of the KKK, Indiana 8. Northwest Knights of the KKK, Wash. 9. Southern White Knights, Georgia 10. United Klans of America, Ala 11. White Camelia Knights of the KKK, Texas B. NEO-NAZI 1. America First Committee, Chicago, Ill. 2. American Nazi Party, Chicago 3. Aryan Nations, Church of Jesus Christ Christians, Idaho, etc. 4. Aryan Youth Movement/White Student Union, Cal., etc. 5. Euro-American Alliance, Wisconsin 6. Institute for Historical Review, Cal. 7. National Alliance, Cosmotheist Church, West Virginia 8. National Democratic Front, Maryland 9. National Socialist Vanguard, Washington 10. New Order, Wisconsin 11. Romantic Violence (Skinheads), Chicago, etc. 12. SS-Action Group, Michigan 13. White American Freedom Fighters, Missouri 14. White Aryan Resistance (WAR), Cal. C. IDENTITY (teachings include white supremacy and anti-Semitism) 1. Church of the Creator, NC 2. Church of Israel, Missouri 3. Church of Jesus Christ, Arkansas 4. LaPorte Church of Christ, Colorado 5. The Mountain Church, Michigan 6. New Christian Crusade Church, La. 7. Sword of Christ and Good News Ministry, Arkansas D. POSSE COMITATUS 1. Posse Comitatus, Pa/Wis/Col/Ore and other states 2. Committee of the States E. Other 1. Christian Patriots Defense League, Ill. 2. Crusade Against Corruption, Ga. 3. _Thunderbolt_ periodical, Ga. 4. Forsyth County Defense League, Ga. 5. League of Pace Amendment Advocates, Cal. 6. The Populist Party/Liberty Lobby, Wash,DC 7. National Association for the Advancement of White People, La. 8. The Nationalist Movement, Miss. 9. PARR, Citizens' Equal Rights Alliance, Stop Treaty Abuse, and other anti- American Indian groups The groups are well organized. Before the conviction of 24 members in 1985, the Order (a neo-Nazi/Klan group) stole about $4 million in 2 robberies and helped fund other groups. There was even a computer bulletin board, the Aryan Nations Liberty Net. In 1925, there were 5,000,000 members of the KKK. In 1974, there were only 1,500. But in 1981, there were 11,000 members and in 1988, while there were only 5,000 Klan members, there were also 17,000 members of other white supremacy groups, including about 2,000 Skinheads. Some of the most violent members of the white supremacist movement today are teen-agers -- kids who shave their heads, wear Nazi tattoos, dress in black stormtrooper boots and operate in small gangs with names like Romantic Violence and Reich Skins. They express a vehement hatred for blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and homosexuals, and openly advocate violence. Their members have been arrested for crimes including murder, robberies, assault and vandalism. [2] ... for his reply was full of the misplaced rage and bitterness that are signs of a troubled adolescent. Skinheads, like youths who join the Klan, are typically deeply insecure and desperate for a concrete sense of personal identity and peer approval. For some of them, organized racism will be an experimental phase they will grow out of. But others will only fall deeper into the trap they have set for themselves... [2] Organizations that use legal means to oppose criminal activities of racist groups: 1. The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith 823 United Nations Plaza New York, NY 10017 (212) 490-2525 2. The Center for Democratic Renewal P.O. Box 10500 Atlanta, Ga. 30310 (404) 221-0025 3. Klanwatch The Southern Poverty Law Center P. O. Box 548 Montgomery, Ala. 36195-5101 (205) 264-0286 4. The National Institute Against Prejudice and Violence 525 W. Redwood St. Baltimore, Md. 21201 (301) 328-5170 References 1. Masinaigan, newsletter of Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, Jan/Feb 1990, article including remarks by Leonard Zeskind, research director for the Center of Democratic Renewal. 2. _The Ku Klux Klan, a History of Racism and Violence_, published by Klanwatch, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, 1988. -- Krista A. HONOR Our Neighbors' Origins and Rights!


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