So you thought Amway had bad morals, eh? Well here is an article from the Oregonian about

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So you thought Amway had bad morals, eh? Well here is an article from the Oregonian about the latest miscegnated birth from the Oregon Citizens Alliance [for you non-Oregonians, they are the cult responsible for placing several blatantly 'anti-homosexual' measures on ballots across the State] and Pat Robertson. Of course, MLM is not inherently bad and I don't want to give this impression. Anyone who wants a theoretical description of what any good MLM should look like, please contact me. --- Peter ===================================================================== OCA's Lively looks to share his blessings by Steve Duin Scott Lively has always been a lousy salesman, and he isnt afraid to say so. "I've done sales all my life," Lively said on a videotape. "I've been in a lot of sales jobs. I was never successful in any of them." And no wonder: Lively - the Oregon Citizens Alliance' communication director - never had a product he truly believed in. Until now. Now, Lively is selling the Kalo-Vita ("Good Life") concept - and the American Benefits Plus passport and, boy, is he excited. "After my salvation and my family," Lively proclaimed at a recent OCA meeting, "this is the most exciting thing I have encountered in my life." Why is he tingling all over? Because after years of "just living on donations," Lively has been blessed - say amen, brothers and sisters - by the free-enterprise system. He's been blessed by the opportunity to make some big bucks. So has the OCA. Kalo-Vita is the brainchild of Pat Robertson, the founder of the Christian Coalition and Christian Broadcasting Network and an amateurish presidential candidate in 1988. In a company video, Robertson is introduced as "one of America's most respected businessmen," but he promptly argues that Kalo-Vita "is much more than a business. It's a cause." Kalo-Vita is a "multilevel" enterprise, the legal (though some would say Siamese) twin of a pyramid scheme [bah!]. Company reps rise through the ranks by recruiting other salesmen and recieve a percentage of the recruits' profits. What's more, Kalo-Vita is a multilevel with an attitude. In his sales pitch to incoming sheep, Liely notes, "Pat Robertson has pledged to make this company the No.1 multilevel in five years." Is this the OCA meets Amway? No, more like Pat Robertson recreates Costco. The company sells nutritional supplements, cosmetics, a weight-management program and - Lively's personal favourite - the American Benefits Plus passport. The passport costs $139, plus $5 for shipping. How big is the bang for these bucks? Lively brags about huge savings from VCRs to Captain Crunch cereal. Roberton has promised that a "substantial portion" of Kalo-Vita's profits will go to his Christian Ministries, Lively suggests "the dollars you are spending are practically donations to the causes you care about." Lively - who refuses to answer questions in a brief telephone conversation - also compared Kalo-Vita to Amway. In April, Hamilton pitched Kalo-Vita to OCA's board of governers. Lively said both he and Lon Mabon "came on board" and the OCA "adopted this a fund-raiser unanimously." "This is an absolute blessing from the Lord," Lively said. "You've been warned." -- "Are they ours or theirs?" -- BATF 'chief' after being informed that there are people in need of medical attention inside the Waco compound


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