> People (atheists) assert there are numerous errors in the Bible > and I was just wonderi

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> People (atheists) assert there are numerous errors in the Bible > and I was just wondering if someone could point out to me the errors > in the Book of John. Thanks OK. Let's concentrate on the Crucifiction business: Q. Does the Jewish council meet at night to try Jesus? Luke: NO Mark: YES (two meetings, one at night, and one the next morning) Matthew: Cribbed off Mark John: No council at all. Q. What day did the last supper occur on? Synoptics: The day of Passover John: The day before the day of Passover. Q. Is Judas Iscariot a real bastard? Synoptics: YES, he betrayed Jesus. John: NO, Jesus was already a wanted man and Judas had no part in it. Q. When does the murder plan start? Synoptics: At the healing of the man with the withered arm. John: At the healing of the cripple on the Sabbath in Jerusalem (not Galilee). Q. When do matters come to a head? Synoptics: The scene in the Temple followed by the parable of the Wicked Husbandmen. No mention of Lazarus. John: The preaching at Tabernacles and the raising of Lazarus. In fact, John has the scene with Lazarus at the point where all the others have the scene in the temple. Q. Who was present at the interview between Pilate and Jesus? John: Noone. How does the Gospeller know what was said? Synoptics: The Jews. There is loads more than this. See "The Unauthorized Version" by Robin Lane Fox.


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