Subject: Denver Pastor assulted by Demonic Feminists Keywords: NOW Pro-Life Over 400 milit

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From: japplega@csm9a.UUCP (Joe Applegate) Subject: Denver Pastor assulted by Demonic Feminists Keywords: NOW Pro-Life Over 400 militant feminists protested at the Colorado State capitol Saturday in suuport of the right of Women to murder their unwanted children. According to spokeswoman Patsy Stitzman (Rocky Mtn News 4/2): "I'm tired of dinking around with them. The national NOW group is taking Operation Rescue to court on charges of racketeering, espionage, and breaking and entering. If pressed, Colorado NOW will also take these people to court" It is obvious that the battle over the right to life has escalated to new levels of conflict, including harrassment through the courts! A further indication of the dangerous desperation of these radical feminists was the confrontation that occured with Loving Way United Pentecostal Church, which staged a counter demonstration during the rally... Pastor Maurice Gordon was verbally asaulted by the crowd and at one point their sign was torn down and stomped on. Pastor Gordon commented: "It was as if they were possessed by demons" Personally, I do not find their reaction unexpected since the roots of feminism are in the rebellion to the authority structure established by God. Women who rebel against the authority of their husbands and attempt to usurp control of their families can hardly be expected to respect the authority of the state. Colorado NOW has planned future demonstations in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins... Pastor Gordon has called for other Christians to gather with him at these meetings to let their voice be heard... I know of at least 2 other churches who are so incensed by this outrage that they will participate. We will be carrying a cross and preaching at the Boulder meeting! The battle for life begins with preaching the Gospel for without Jesus we are all dead men! - Joe Applegate - ======================STANDARD DISCLAIMER============================ All views and opinions are my own and do not represent the views or opinions of the Colorado School of Mines, whatever they might be. =====================================================================


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