Al Jihad (was: Islamic Law) Today on _Background_Briefing_ the topic was religious nationa

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Al Jihad (was: Islamic Law) Today on _Background_Briefing_ the topic was religious nationalism in the Islamic nations. The guest speaker wished to emphasize that people like Bobby here on alt.atheist (filled with hate, bitterness, and contention, unable to tolerate dissenting opinion) are by no means the norm. He said that most Muslims are moderate, and indeed many Islamic nations are secular. There are many atheists in Islamic nations, he claimed. However, there is a growing concern about Muslim nationalism whereby fundamentalist Muslims have infiltrated their secular governments and perverted them towards their own political and occult ends. This is the same problem the U.S.A. has, only the names of the cults are different, and the various gods are given different names. A very popular booklet currently circulating Islamic nations is called "The Forgotten Duty," which addresses the Muslim's duty to punish infidels and unbelievers, with violence if need be. The major target is, of course, neighboring Islamic nations. The guest speaker on the radio show, however, expressed the opinion that the U.S.A. will be targeted for bigger and grander Jihad, as it is viewed as secular and therefore a threat to the world's peace and well-being. ---- What I don't understand is, the U.S.A. has funneled billions of dollars into Islamic nations, primarily in the form of tools for mass human distruction and genocide, but also in agricultural credits and medical aid. The U.S.A. has helped both Iran and Iraq fight their wars to eradicate each other, by supplying war material and intelligence data--- the question is, why does U.S.A. do so? Bush raided NATO armaments and shipped them to Iraq, leaving holes in Europe's defense that, in a crisis, can only be plugged with nuclear weapons. The U.S.A. National Security Counsel has a Israeli national on its board, and billions of American tax dollars goes through his fingers to Israel. Naturally this does not please Islamic nations. What I don't understand is why U.S.A. plays both sides of the fence, achieving no discernible good ends, and yet it costs U.S.A. massive amounts of capital. What's even more bizarre is that while U.S.A. ships them billions of dollars worth of material, these governments are overtly or covertly out to get us. Those that are secular are being subverted by anti- American fundamentalists. Why are we so damn stupid?


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