To: Questor Thews 02-Jul-93 11:22pm Subject: Gay obituary Hello Questor! QT> Thank

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From: Sean McCullough To: Questor Thews 02-Jul-93 11:22pm Subject: Gay obituary Hello Questor! QT> Thank you. It's true; the gay community HAS been ravaged by QT> AIDS. The people like Paul Blowdryer that like to think that QT> this is some reason to gloat or form a scapegoat alliance can QT> check in at HellGate number three. "Ding-dong!" [Sean steps to door] Hello........who might you be?? Jesus........and I'm PISSED. Sean: Yeah, I DID notice that cat o' nine-tails in your hand there...... Jesus: It's what I used LAST time, when Jews forgot the messages of *compassion* in the Torah. Now it's my *alleged* followers who are doing it....gloating over gay men dying of AIDS, sneering at the homeless....the HOMELESS!!??!!!!!!!!!! *I* was homeless when I was last here.....idiots!! [Brilliant blue-white hot force field sets Sean's printer-paper on fire] [Printer paper re-appears] Jesus: Sorry 'bout just has me pissed off..... Sean: Hey, dude, I got a better deal for you. Toke on this herbal cigarette a few while I go visit a neighbor for a minute, be right back..... [Sean leaves] [Sean returns with a longish brown paper package in his hand] Sean: Here you go, Jesus. It's what we use today rather than a whip. It's called an Uzi.....made by good kosher Jewish kids back in the old country. Here's how you use it....... [Jesus leaves] <*> According to their holy books, Jesus is going to return someday and set the world to rights and justice. (My money's on Arthur and Merlin, myself.) But, just assuming for argument (and comedy)s' sakes that Jesus is in fact all that his followers crack him up to be......I dunno about you, Questor, but if and when the scenario I just described above occurs......... ....I would NOT want to be in the position of the Zach Webbs and the Paul Dryasdusts..........!!! -- ataraxia -- Sean


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