Most see him as just the son of Joseph and Mary (John 6:42, Romans 1:3). His own family th

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Most see him as just the son of Joseph and Mary (John 6:42, Romans 1:3). His own family thinks that he is mad (Mark 3:21). They seem to be unaware of his virgin birth or his divinity as the son of god (John 7:5 and Luke 2:48ff). Jesus is rude to his mother on a number of occasions (Luke 2:48 and John 2:4). He causes them some obvious embarrassment when he effectively disowns them in front of others (Matthew 12:48 and Mark 3:33). He is a bit of a smart-ass with the woman at Jacob's Well (John 4:16f). He is a wine-bibber and a glutton (Matthew 11:16-19). He is savagely sarcastic with Nicodemus (John 3:10). He is outright insulting to the poor Syrophenician woman with a sick child whom he equates with dogs (Mark 7:25ff), requiring from her an agreement to the analogy before he will heal the child. He became irrationally angry with a tree (Matthew 21:19). If your Jesus was the divine being that you claim him to be how is it that he got it wrong when he claimed that Abiathar was the high priest (Mark 2:23-28) in reference to the story in 1 Samuel 21:1-7? Or how did he manage to attribute Psalm 110 to David (Mark 12:36) when it was written anywhere from 300 to 600 years after David had died? How could Jesus have been so demonstrably wrong in Matthew 10:23, Matthew 16:28, Matthew 23:36, Matthew 24:21-34, Mark 9:1 and Luke 9:27? Some god! ==================================================== There is absolutely no record of anybody ordering the death of all male children under the age of two, nor is there any evidence that a general state of mourning occurred following such an event. It was not required that the family return to the head of household's place of birth for census-taking; therefore it is unlikely that Joseph would have dragged Mary along in her advanced state of pregnancy for the census (which didn't occur during the alledged period anyway). Herod was not alive at the time of Jesus' alleged birth.


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