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From: Simon Clippingdale To: All Msg #113, Dec-23-92 09:24AM Subject: Merry Christmas Saudi Arabian Style (from s.r.i) Organization: Department of Computer Science, Warwick University, England From: (Simon Clippingdale) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism Thought y'all might find this article, culled from soc.religion.islam, interesting. Those threads they have over there with titles like "Is it OK to kill ?" always tickle me (anyone remember the stuff about dropping homosexuals off cliffs?). Ho ho ho, as we say around this time of year. ***************************** begin quoted article **************************** Newsgroups: soc.religion.islam From: (Ian) Subject: Is it okay under Orthodox Islamic teaching to kill non-Muslim dakwa people? Originator: (Zeeshan Hasan -Moderator) Approved: (Zeeshan Hasan) Sender: Organization: Oberlin College Computer Science Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1992 20:07:47 GMT Message-ID: Lines: 34 X-Posted-From: NNTP-Posting-Host: Asalamulaikum. I read this article (included below) today. I have heard sentiments from American Muslims that it's not proper under Islam to kill dakwa people of other religions (unless they attack you physically). Is this an orthodox Islamic belief, or is it just a reflection upon the fact that these Muslims who voiced this opinion are Americans, and American culture cherishes religious freedom? If American Muslims (or Muslims of any other nationality for that matter) have proofs (scripture) to back up that position, or if others have proofs to back up the other position, could you email me with them? Thank you. Wassalam, Ian ------ Ramos appeals to Saudi Arabia king for Filipino preacher MANILA, Philippines (UPI) President Fidel Ramos Tuesday appealed to Saudi Arabia's King Fahd to pardon a Filipino born-again preacher scheduled to be hung on Christmas Day in Riyadh. ``I wish to make a personal appeal to Your Royal Highness to spare Oswaldo Magdangal from execution,'' Ramos said in a letter to the monarch. ``As you know, 25 December is observed as a universal day of peace and forgiveness. I believe that the significance of the season would not be missed by Your Majesty.'' Magdangal has been accused of preaching the Christian faith in Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country. Aside from Ramos' letter, the government also instructed the Philippine ambassador to Saudi Arabia to help secure Magdangal's release. --


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