_The Times of India_, 9/5/92 'Saudi executed for 'slandering Koran'' DHAHRAN (Saudi Arabia

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_The Times of India_, 9/5/92 "Saudi executed for 'slandering Koran'" DHAHRAN (Saudi Arabia), September 4 (AP): A Saudi citizen was beheaded in public yesterday after he was convicted of slandering God, the holy book of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, the government announced. An interior ministry statement said Sadek Abdel-Kerim Malallah was executed with a single stroke of a sword in a yard adjacent to a mosque near Qatif, a desert town in the eastern province. The interior ministry statement said Malallah was convicted of "slandering Allah, the holy Koran and the Prophet." "This is not mere apostast ... it is a sacrilegious crime punishable by death irrespective of repentance," said the ministry statement, broadcast on state-run radio and television. In theocratic Saudi Arabia, criticism of Koran and the Prophet Mohammed is not tolerated. Beheadings are not an uncommon form of punishment, but it is rare for someone to be convicted of sacrilege. It quoted Malallah as slandering Mohammed as "a liar, an impostor" and saying "the religion he spread was nothing but deception." ================================================================== It seems that not only can't the truth set some people free, but speaking it can get you killed.


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