Murder for a mythical 'Heaven' Terror Suspect: Muslims Are Commanded To Kill United Press

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Murder for a mythical "Heaven" Terror Suspect: Muslims Are Commanded To Kill --------------------------------------------- United Press International -- 08/29/93 A suspect in an alleged terrorist plot to blow up targets in New York, including the UN and 2 tunnels, believed the Koran justified his actions, the Washington Post says, quoting transcripts of conversations an informer made with a leading figure in the scheme. The suspect, Siddig Ibrahim Siddig Ali, told government informer Emad Salem that Muslims earn martyrdom for killing an "infidel," the newspaper says. The Post says it obtained transcripts, made May 7 and May 8, from a source close to the case. According to the transcript published in the Post, here's how Siddig Ali justified the deaths he expected to cause: Salem : "One moment, shiek. I have to ask you a question here. The WTC [an apparent reference to the World Trade Center, which was damaged by a bomb blast]. What does that have to do with Islam?" Siddig Ali : "I'll tell you." Salem : "Go ahead." Siddig Ali : "First of all, don't expect something like that occurs without a large number of victims." Salem : "We're ready to die." Siddig Ali : "Of course, don't forget God said in the Koran, in times like this, everything is lawful to the Muslim, their money, their women, their honors, everything. I give you as example [Egyptian President Hosani] Mubarak, a tyrant. He is killing people, good Muslims. We'll be called sinners in the eyes of God if we don't do something about it [he gives a quote from the Koran] ...infidels must be killed....and the Muslim when he dies it is the way to heaven. He becomes a martyr. A Muslim will never go to hell by killing an infidel." Siddig Ali, Egyptian cleric Shiek Omar Abdel Rahman, and 13 others are charged with plotting to bomb targets in New York. The government claims the shiek and his indicted co-conspirators were waging "a war of urban terrorism against the United States." The alleged plot was disrupted after federal agents raided a warehouse June 24 and said they saw a bomb's ingredients being mixed. Five people were arrested. Ronald Kuby, Siddig Ali's defense lawyer, declined to comment on the transcripts. The conversations suggest that the shiek knew of the plot, although it was not clear to what extent he approved specific parts of the alleged scheme. In their conversation, the informer discussed the detonation of the bomb with Siddig Ali. Salem : "This is the circle which is supposed to ignite the explosive. It works by batteries." Siddig Ali : "Yeah." The defense is expected to attack Salem's credibility, claiming he entrapped Siddig Ali.


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