* * * * G O D H A S C O M E * * * * IS THIS YOUR LAST BIRTH? There is an incarna

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* * * * G O D H A S C O M E * * * * IS THIS YOUR LAST BIRTH? There is an incarnation of God here now in human form. He is currently residing in San Diego with a core of followers. His name is Gourasana, which means "The Golden One." He has come for the express purpose of taking those that want to leave this place of illusion and suffering back to the True Realm of Existance. He is bringing in a power greater than has ever been brought in before as there are an unusually large number of people ready for this stage of their evolution--- breaking free from the cycle of birth and death. God Himself has decended here from the True Realm of existance to help you. Come and spend an evening with Him and ask your questions. No matter what your path, this help will enhance and accelerate your advancement. If you need more information before coming call Gayle at: (619) 273-4169. No reservation [sic] needed. Howard Johnsons Hotel, 4545 Waring Rd., San Diego [Photo woman in estatic dance. Caption: "Don't you want to be free?"] Lord Gourasana Speaks 7:00 PM Wednesday October 2nd Wednesday October 9th Tuesday October 15th Wednesday October 23rd Wednesday October 30th ---------------------- ($10.00 admission at door) ======================================================================== End of advertisement. For those atheists and skeptics who wish to attend, take Interstate 5 south to San Diego, and turn West on Interstate 8, turn North on Waring Road. 1991 CE dates only --- David Rice


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