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dcd@se.houston.geoquest.slb.com (Dan Day) ID: <27gs54$i0u@sndsu1.sinet.slb.com> alt.atheism >> (S.N. Mozumder ) writes: >> Which is why atheism is wrong. What responsibility is there >> for one's actions? Why? A personal sense of right and wrong. If God came down to you tomorrow and told you that he was granting you special dispensation, and that you could do anything you like and He would not hold it against you, would you act any differently? Would you use your freedom from God's displeasure to go out and murder people, for instance? It so, you're one sick puppy. If not, then you have your own sense of right and wrong that you choose not to violate, even if God doesn't care. Likewise for atheists. You know, this stuff isn't that hard, have you ever bothered to give it any thought on your own?


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