* Forwarded by Shelby Sherman (1:123/67) * Area : ECHOMAIL028 (HOLY BIBLE) * From : Steve

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=================================================================== * Forwarded by Shelby Sherman (1:123/67) * Area : ECHOMAIL028 (HOLY BIBLE) * From : Steve Winter, 1:18/98 (10 Jun 93 19:24) * To : All * Subj : Glenn Ritter =================================================================== Glenn has returned to me the equipment that I demanded he return when he left the PRIME network. I am returning some items to him and a refund for some equipment that was partially paid for. I am confident that he will follow through and also then return the rest of my equipment. So that matter will be then satisfied. I do not doubt that the sewers of false christianity and their brethern, the reprobate infidels are rejoicing over Glenn's deception and fall. It is a tragic thing with a weak Christian is deceived by strong deceivers and infidels. I made the mistake of putting a novice in a position of authority. Satan's filth saw their opportunity and acted on it. I have prayed and do pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would mark every false christian filth and every reprobate oneness infidel that had a part in deceiving Glenn, and that the Lord would reward them according to their works and make an example of them. Steve Winter - moderator/founder HOLY_BIBLE 1:18/98 (Do NOT reply to this informational message in this echo) -+- + Origin: { PRIME Network Hub 919-286-3962 DHST168/V.32b } (1:18/98) ===================================================================


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