Mark Patterson @ 916/1008 DF> 'Lord of the Flies' - for sexual references. DF> 'Of Mice an

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Mark Patterson @ 916/1008 DF> "Lord of the Flies" - for sexual references. DF> "Of Mice and Men" - for profanity. DF> "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" - for profanity. DF> "Little House on the Prairie" - for way it depicts people of color. DF> "Tom Sawyer" - for terms that belittle people of color. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ DF> "Sleeping Beauty" - for violence and being frightening. This one and Huck Finn are perennial targets of the Xian right, and (I think) the reasons that they state why they don't like it, and the real reasons are quite interesting. Mark Twain was about as anti-religious a person who has existed. He hated slavery, and the churchs collaboration with the slave trade. In Huck Finn, when Huck is deciding whether to help Jim the slave escape, The church had said that anyone helping an escapee will go to hell.. Huck knowlingly goes against the church, to do what he knew was right. Of course a statement like that scares the crap out of the Fundies. Rampant individualism? brrr..


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