If anyone is interested in atrocities committed in the name of God, then check out this bo

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If anyone is interested in atrocities committed in the name of God, then check out this book: Holy Horrors An illustrated history of religious murder and madness By James A. Haught (c) 1990, Prometheus Books 700 East Amherst Street Buffalo, New York 14215 (716) 837-2475 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 89-64079 This book looks at religious persecution from ancient times to the present, and not only by Christians. Here are some examples from the introduction: "In 1766 at Abbeville, France, a teen-age boy was accused of singing irreligious songs, mocking the Virgin Mary, marring a crucifix, and wearing his hat while a religious procession passed. Criticizing the church was punishable by death. The youth, Chevalier de La Barre, was sentenced to have his tongue cut out, his right hand cut off, and to be burned at the stake. The great writer Voltaire attempted to save him. The case was appealed to Parliament in Paris. The clergy demanded death, warning of the dire spread of doubt. Parliament showed mercy by allowing the youth to be decapitated instead of mutilated and burned alive. He was first tortured to extract a fuller confession, then executed on July 1, 1766. His corpse was burned, along with a copy of Voltaire's _Philosphical Dictionary_." "In 1980 at Moradabad, India, a pig caused hundreds of people to kill each other. The animal walked through a Muslim holy ground. Muslims, who think pigs are an embodiment of Satan, accused Hindus of driving the pig into the sacred spot. Members of both faiths went on a rampage, stabbing and clubbing. The pig riot spread to a dozen cities and left 200 dead." The main point that the book is trying to make can be summed up in this quote: "A grim pattern is visible in history: When religion is the ruling force in a society, it produces horror. The stronger the supernatural beliefs, the worse the inhumanity. A culture dominated by intense faith invariably is cruel to people who don't share the faith - and sometimes to many who do." The book is very interesting, but can be quite ghastly. It's a quick read since the print is large and the margins are narrow. Even a Fundie could read it without much trouble. ;->


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