Brian Ceccarelli 602/621-9615 ( wrote: : You don't think a lifetime

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From: (Rob Lanphier) Message-ID: <> Newsgroups: alt.atheism,talk.religion.misc Brian Ceccarelli 602/621-9615 ( wrote: : You don't think a lifetime is enough time? Do you believe in : Abraham Lincoln? Why? He doesn't exist today. What claims that were made about Abraham Lincoln aren't believable? Ordinary claims only require ordinary proof. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. For example, say you are standing at the checkout line at the supermarket, and someone starts reading you random headlines from magazines. Let's say they say "Liz Taylor to be married (again)". Do you doubt this? Well, no. 1, it probably has no relevance to you. No. 2, it's entirely likely. So, no matter what magazine it's from, you'd probably nod your head and go "oh, that's nice". Let's say that another article says "Aliens to take over planet in 1995". I'm sure your initial reaction would be to laugh. Yet this is something that could directly affect your life. If the magazine claiming this is right, you would be a fool not to heed them. So why don't you? Well, the same reason why I don't listen to Christians. The magazine will offer "proof", such as interviews with aliens, etc., but won't offer anything that can be independently verified. You either have to take the magazine's word for it, or not believe it, even if it means your peril. Why? Because odds are, they are full of crap. Atheists believe that Christians are full of crap with their claims of eternal salvation and eternal damnation. The "divine revelation" doesn't set well with our minds, considering that only a select few get revealed to, and the rest of us have to believe the select few. We would rather believe scientists, who offer as proof no more than things we can verify ourselves. Their claims are independently verifiable, which the claims of Moses are not.


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