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From: Shiv Jhawar on 1:129/34 To: Ray Osborne Re: CAN, SCP REFERENCES... > When I read your message I envisioned all > the poverty, starvation of masses of poor people in the > country of India. Your religion teaches people not to ask > God for help ? Have you seen any Hindu begger in America? But there are "hippies" (people taught by your religion) seen as beggers in India. You think people die of starvation in India but what do you think of people dying out here? Go take round of cemeteries in America...find out how big the cemetaries are. Do you know what religion the great people who made America rich Belonged to? James Watt, George Stephenson, Thomas Edison, Wright brothers, Emerson, Thoreau, Henry Ford and others who made America rich...none of them belonged to your Christian religion. Only credit a christian has is of inventing the gun powder [that was the Chineese]. You still boast of your religion? Your christian religion is based on the fundamental belief that Mary was virgin and Jesus Christ was born out of her. Do you consider this rational? Further, you Christian belief that Jesus died and rose from the dead? Is it rational? Do you still boast of your rational religion and condemn the poor people of India for their Hindu religion? Just as the prosperity of America was not caused by the Christian religion, the poverty in India was not caused by the Hindu religion. You really seem to be a child when you try to condemn the Hindu religion. Please do not take offence. I just thought you would like to improve your understanding. Just think of a person born in Karachi, Pakistan In 1942. If you ask that person where was he born, he would reply that he was born in India. To this answer, if you do not know any history, you will consider the answer entirely wrong because to your understanding Karachi is in Pakistan, and not in India. But, my friend, the person's answer is correct; before August 15, 1947, there was no Pakistan; Karachi was in India. In the same way, your Christian religion, Hindu religion, Buddhist religion, Islamic religion did not even exist at a time when there was still a God but none of these human religions on earth existed. What do you think of your God now? Do you know the religion which teaches people to beg God for help is a religion, but a third class religion. Do you really think in your rational mind that God would be happy to see beggars? > I pray that they receive > Jesus Christ and that it tears down all those caste barriers > that your religion encourages. I pray that more Indians > turn to Jesus and ask Him for a loaf. For I know this God > won't give them a serpent. When you talk of the caste barriers, are you aware of the caste/classes that exist in the Christian religion? Thank you for your prayer that more Indians turn to Jesus, but why did you not pray that they turn to God. How much commission do you get from Jesus? My friend, why do you make a religion a commercial enterprise. Any religion exist to increase love of people toward God. It is ridiculous to differentiate among the great religions on earth. The prophets/sons that came to found great religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam wanted people to love one another and pray to God. When a simple man here can have so many chidren, what makes you think that the great God will be limited to just one son called Jesus Christ? Is that rational? Change your defective understanding...all sons of God teach the great commandments to the humanity, they all come from the same university, so as to speak. No son of God ever taught hatred, violence, and the like. In fact, the great father would feel very bad and hurt seeing any of His sons condemned. The great spiritual masters of India (including Swami Vivekananda, Swami Ramtirth, Yogananda Paramhansa, Prabhupad of Hare Krishna, Siddha Guru Muktananda who visited America) never condemned Jesus Christ or the Christian religion. You will do well to understand what they talked about. Jesus Christ was a son of God and everyone should have the greatest respect toward Him. In fact, there is no difference between a christian principle and a Hindu principle. The differences are between so-called Christianity and the so-called Hinduism. Just sleep is a fact, there is no such thing as Christian sleep and a Hindu sleep...sleep is just a sleep, in the same way God is God, there is no such thing as a Christian God, and a Hindu God. Nobody has a monopoly on God...he never appointed anybody as His exclusive agent to preach. From: Janardana Dasa on 1:129/34 To: Shiv Jhawar Re: REPLY Good points. To these, I would like to add my own observations for the benefit of those who would use religion as an economic tool... So many folks want to judge the world in terms of "good Christian theology" and the "pagan, heathen EVIL world of non-christians." Many have, on various echoes, accused my chosen faith as being "of the devil" because of all the starving people in India, etc. Don't you think that looking at the world through a political perspective such as this is COUNTER to the very religious principles you claim to promote? You're attributing the poverty of one culture as a percent a product of the religion it holds dear. Where is the principle of "love Thy Neighbor" when you can't even get past the racial-social-economic differences without condemnation, distrust and paranoia? If God is the God of all, wouldn't He surely want to see everyone healthy and happy, in His loving service? How can you seriously judge the prosperity of the West by its acceptance of Christianity? Judging the spiritual through materialism doesn't make much sense, but if this is the standard, lets do a cross examination here (since my religion seems to be on trial): In the West, the majority of folks claim Christianity. In the West, most of the Governments are filled with Christians. In the West, nuclear weapons have become a fact of life. In the West, these weapons were used against whole populations. In the West, psychotropic drugs and narcotics are accepted by the masses as "solutions" to problems. In the West, sex is mass marketed and used to brainwash perspective consumers into BUYING, and animal-like sexual-intercourse magazines FLOURISH. In the West, gambling is promoted by governments via LOTTO's In the West, convenience technology can DIRECTLY be attributed to the earth's destruction (ozone, global warming, etc) In the West, more people per capita are in prisons/psyc-hospitals In the West, people are taxed for their LABOR rather than rewarded for it. In the West, it is ill-advised to be a black man. In the West, despite all the God-given prosperity, people freeze to death in Chicago, New York, London, etc., and the homeless are forced to BEG for meals. Shall I go on? So, rather than accuse the RELIGION for the social illnesses, lets get to the root of them and blame OURSELVES for the plight of our neighbors. Lets STOP dumping our wheat and grains into the ocean and do the God-loving thing and distribute it to the world that need it. Christ Himself fed the multitudes BEFORE they were Christians! Was this a bribe? No! He saw through his compassion that they were hungry. He did not say "Oh, these folks are Jews, or heathens, let them starve till they become Christian..." In Bhagavad-gita, the Lord says "Just abandon all varieties of religion and surrender unto Me." If the Christian Supremacists would look a few inches beyond their noses, they could certainly help to make the world a better place to live FOR ALL. Hare Krishna.


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