To: Mike Salva 02-Apr-93 12:24pm MS> Just one question: just what is it that the f

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From: Brian Henry To: Mike Salva 02-Apr-93 12:24pm MS> Just one question: just what is it that the folks here have against MS> Bible-believing Christians? Suppose that the majority of Americans were Satanists. Even though you were a Christian, you would be forced to swear your loyalty to Satan whenever you said the Pledge of Allegiance; in court you would have to take an oath on the Satanic Bible to tell the truth, the whole truth, etc., so help you Satan; you would have to carry money which states in big, bold letters "In Satan We Trust"; you would be expected to say a prayer to Satan before school events; you would be forced to see, and pay for, big festive pentagrams and demonic symbols on government property during Hallowe'en [non-Satanic] and Satanic holidays; and people you don't even know would constantly tell you that you are going to be tortured for the rest of eternity because you don't accept Satan as your lord and master. People would also continually ask you: just what is it that you have against Devil-worshipping Satanists? Get the picture? We have nothing against Christians, as long as they keep their religion to themselves. It's when they try to force it on us that we get defensive. (BTW don't assume from the above that we are Satanists. There are none on this board that I am aware of. You could easily replace Satanism with any non-Christian religion you wish in my example. How would you like to swear your allegiance to Shiva? Or Odin? Or the Goddess?) *Brian Henry* * Freddie 1.2.5 * The first full-featured QWK reader for the Mac.


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