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dsf3g@faraday.clas.Virginia.EDU (David Salvador Flores) ID: The other day I was flipping through a photography magazine and it had a picture of a starving child in somalia. He was hunched over, too weak to hold himself up, his legs were crumpled underneath him. He was two years old, he had a bloated belly, a buzzard stood neaby. He was all alone in the picture. In the article that followed, the photographer describes people's inevitable reaction to the picture. (Quoting from memory) "They always ask me what did you do with the child... and I anwer nothing... dammit.. nothing... I walked on. there was nothing special about this picture cause this is a sight you see hundreds of times a day in somalia. You can't stop... you have to force youself to walk on." And this child was most likely a moslem. He was not babtized a Christian, and since Jesus Christ said that no one can achieve the kingdom of heaven except through him, then this child is now burning for ever in the flames of eternal torture and damnation. Right now demons are thrusting pitchforks into his little bloated belly, his feet have been dipped in burning tar. His skin is covered with boils and burns, his body riddled with disease His mother, who was also an unrepentant moslem, who was abused by her husband while she was alive, who was forced to undergo a cliterectomy when she was born, who has known nothing but toil and war her whole life is being made to watch this spectacle while undergoing similar punisment. She is being raped, and cut, and burned... but most horribly of all, she is being forced to watch her little child... and she will watch him for all of eternity. And Justice has been served... because God is Just and God is Truth... and most of all, GOD IS LOVE. You can have your "God of 'Love,'" Scott Hayden, and you can have your book of _Genesis_, and you can reject evolution and you can live in your world of Godly "love," a love that others call *hatred*, that Nietzsche called *resentment* that I call *ignorance*. But if you try to force this "Love" of yours into my schools, if you try and annihilate science and call your world view *objetivity* then know that I and others like me will fight you every step of the way. There are still people in this world that think for themselves and hopefully our heresy will spread. Big_Dave


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