You want God to SAVE you? Let's see where and how the wonderful being has helped people in

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You want God to SAVE you? ------------------------- Let's see where and how the wonderful being has helped people in the past... From 1347 to 1351, 75,000,000 people died from the plague. A good percentage probably offered up prayer to his majesty before they died in a delirium. His holyness obliterated 21,640,000 people from influenza during Apr-Nov 1918. Does that sound fair to you? It's really neat to think the great King would create such organisms. Don't you just sit and wonder why his diviness mutated AIDS in 1976? Dont you wonder how many people he will let die until man is able to find a cure? Sharks, serpents, tigers, vermin, entozoa, cholera germs, viruses, etc., were purposely made or evolved by God, who designed animals to prey on each other for food, then pronounced his holy, wonderful, miraculous system of universal carnage "very good" (Genesis 1:31). From 1311 to 1340, c. 35,000,000 Chinese peasants were exterminated by the Mongols. Oh, well, they were probably Confucists and God just wanted to let them help themselves to hell. That's probably why he let 20,000,000 of them slowly and painfully starve to death from 1969 to 1971, 830,000 of them perish in an Earthquake in January 1556, and 180,000 of them expire under a landslide in December 1920. Luke 13:23, 24, clearly states the great majority of mankind will go to hell. (Matt 7:14, Matt 22:13, 14 also). The marvelous Elohim creates the rainbow, then kills 1,000,000 Bangladeshians in a circular storm in November 1970 on the Ganges Delta isles. And after promising never to kill anyone by flood again (Gen. 9), 900,000 Chineese lives are washed away in Yellow River, China in October 1877. In the United States, 689 people died during a tornado that lasted 3 hours on March 18, 1925. (Oh, all right! I stand corrected, a tornado is not a flood, OK.) At Gettysburg, the greatest battle of the Civil War, the defeated army lost fewer than 5,000 men. According to the holy book, in the tribal wars among the primitive Jews the dead on one side reached 500,000 (2 Chron. 13:17). And how miraculous that the great Jehovah didn't interfere with the 6,000,000 Jews who were systematically tortured to death by Nazis who were Catholics and Lutherans. Of course, the omnipotent Lord allowed 220,000 people to die a horrible, declining, agonizing death when the Atomic Bomb was dropped in Japan because of free-will. Since they were probably mostly Buddists, the Lord of hosts probably thought they were lost souls. But the supreme ruler of heaven and Earth dosen't just go after his devoted worshipers, some 5,000 people were trampled to death for the stampede for free beer at the coronation of Czar Nicholas II in Moscow in May 1896. More than 200,000 were blotted-out in the sack of Moscow, freed by Tartars in May 1571. They were probably mostly atheists anyway. The divine pages recount that God murdered 50,070 men because they looked inside a box. (1 Sam 6:19). The Lord of Lords sent his angel to cut-short the lives of 185,000 men in one night in 2 Kings 19:35. And recall the massacre of an entire nation in Deut 2:30, 34. The wonderful, loving God let 913 people get led astray by a self-seeking prophet who claimed to represent him, only to order everyone to drink cyanide in Jonestown, Guyana on November 18, 1978. It's wonderful that God created free-will and prevents these things from happening to his children that he loves so much. On March 27, 1977, the merciful, beneficiant God let 583 people take a ride of death on a KLM-Pan Am Boeing 747 in Tenerife, Canary Islands, who no doubt sang praises to his name during the decent. And isn't it awesome that his majesty sometimes uses animals to erase lives like the time 436 Indians from the Champawat District were snuffed out from a tiger in 1907. But lest we forget how, according to the sacred writings, 42 innocent young children were killed by bears for poking fun at Elisha's bald head (2 Kings 2:23, 24). You want God to save you? - He can't even cure acne. -- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- !{ihnp4!hpda!seismo!utah-cs!uplherc}!sp7040!dale "WHAT HAVE BEEN CHRISTIANITY'S FRUITS? SUPERSTITION, BIGOTRY AND PERSECUTION." - JAMES MADISON


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