'Everyday, people are straying from the church and going back to God.' To: Lord Borgo

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"Everyday, people are straying from the church and going back to God." From: Heq To: Lord Borgon Msg #181, 14-Nov-90 08:55am Subject: No, sir! All religions are *not* true! This is a bid for tolerance of Xtianity and Islam and Fascism, which should not be tolerated. Xtianity & Islam force their narrow values on the world and interfere with freedom of thought. They are therefore enemies of humanity to be faught vigorously. Judaism, whence they degenerated, can be tolerated because it doesn't proselytize and remains aloof. The majority of Xtians don't make a fuss, because they are middle class to begin with and don't make a fuss about anything. But their religion is established and tyrannizes our society. Their beliefs are not thought out but simply accepted as given -- as is everything in their bland lives. As D.H. Lawrence pointed out, they are like sickening toadstools that should be kicked over. I have had Xtian "friends" too -- but having confronted them in their religion, they are no longer friends. --- * Origin: ThelemaNet San Francisco * (415) 751-9308 (Opus 1:161/93)


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