From the July 17, 1993 issue of the _San Jose Mercury News_: Poll finds views on th Bible

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From the July 17, 1993 issue of the _San Jose Mercury News_: Poll finds views on th Bible changing By Georage Gallup, Jr. and Rober Bezilla Princeton Religion Research Center One of the most dramatic shifts in religious beliefs in this country is how people view the Bible. As recently as 1963, two adults in three accepted the Bible as the actual word of a god, to be take literally word for word. Today, only about one adult in two (49 percent) views it that way. [The rest of the article summarizes the figures in the accompaning chart, reproduced below.] CREATION BELIEFS The majority of American teens and almost a majority of adults feel that humans have developed over millions of years from lesser [sic] forms but feel the process was guided by a god. Humans developed from Adults ************** 46% less advanced [sic] forms Teens **************** 52% of life but guided a god A god created humans in Adults ************ 40% their present form within Teens *********** 35% the last 10,000 years Humans developed from Adults *** 9% less advanced [sic] forms Teens *** 10% of life not guided by a god BIBLICAL BELIEFS Which of the following statements comes closest to describing your feelings about the Bible? Inspired word, not to Adults ********** 32% be taken litterly word Teens ************** 46% for word Actual word of a god to Adults *************** 49% be taken literally word Teens ************ 39% for word Ancient book of fables, Adults ***** 16% legends, history and Teens **** 14% moral teachings recorded by humans Survey by The Gallup Organization was based of a national sample of 505 teenages 13 to 17 Jan., 1993 and 1,005 adults ages 18 and older in Nov., 1991. Margin of error for responses is 4 percent for teens and 3 percent for adults. [The Gallup Organization is a Christian cult.]


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