A while I ago, I did some studying upon the role of religious institutions upon science.

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A while I ago, I did some studying upon the role of religious institutions upon science. Galileo was persucuted and hidered by the church. However, after this event, ( and after the reformation ), the anti-sciences turned to be more and more protestant churches, with the RCC subsiding. In the last 200 years or so, the RCC has not played as an active roll in Western science as the other various protestant denominations. And, the papacy has unofficially admitted their error a decade ago. However, it wasn't a official repreive, ergo "god was still mad at Galileo". The most dangerious aspect of this supression was that it set a clear example that in secular sciences, when biblical and the state of affairs disagree, it was the biblical interperatation which was truth. Up until Galileo, most 'scientists' never went against the church's wish's. It is ironic that the RCC helped start the revival of true science and questioning. The calender was way off, I beleive the vernal equalnox was off by 20 days or so. Not very hard to miss. The church sanctioned the study into the development of a more accurate calender. However, this in turn made the reworking of astronomical thought ( which remained anemic after Ptholemy ). The education of Copernicous was a direct result of this new interest in re-vamping astronomy. This finally lead to the Gregorian calender in 1582. The ironic twist is that the newly protestant countries did not accept the new calender, as a protest to the papacy. England and her colonies ( america ) did not adopt it until 1752! How about that for an ironic twist, the RCC made advancements in science, yet others did not follow them. The entire Newtonian physics were developed to explain *why* the planents move as they did, not just *how* they move. So, they have no one to blame for themselves....


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