To: All Apr-12-94 18:04:00 Subject: Fundy Islamics

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From: Dan Ceppa To: All Apr-12-94 18:04:00 Subject: Fundy Islamics Saw this news paper article: ================================================================ CLERIC CLIP MAN'S EFFORT TO AID WOMEN An API Press report (Don't have the paper's date or name) Dhaka, Bangladesh -- Fundamentalist Islamic clerics beat a man with shoes and ordered his head shaved because he ignored their orders to stop educating illiterate women. Abdur Rashi's father complained to police about the beating but no one was arrested, the Banglabazar Patrika newspaper reportd. The clerics accuse most of the 800 volunteer groups operating in the predominately Muslim nation with bribing peasants to convert to Christianity and adopt western ways. The cleric have forced at least 10 men to divorce their wives for meeting with the groups, which promote education, self-employment, health care and family planning among women. Most of Bangladesh's 120 million people are illiterate. Rashid, a field worker for Friends of Village Development, was beaten publicly by at least five clerics at Haripur village, 120 miles northeast of Dhaka. He collapsed as the blows rained on him. His father broke down in tears as he shaved Rashid's head. The clerics then fined the father $625. The government of Prime Minister Khaleda Zia has made no move against the clerics. ================================================================ I guess there is more than one group that wants to keep it's people in the dark ages....


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