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____________________________________________________________ |___________________________________________________________| |__======== __== ___== __== ____== __======= ___== ___== _|| |__== ________== ___== __=== ____== __== ___== __== __== _|| |__== ________== ___== __=== ___== __== ____== ___== _== _|| |__======= ___== ___== __== = __== __== ____== ___== == __|| |__== ________== ___== __== == _== __== ____== ____==== ___|| |__== ________== ___== __== _== == __== ____== _____== ____|| |__== ________== __== __== __== == __== ____== _____== ____|| |__== _________== _== ___== ___==== __== ___== ______== ____|| |__== __________==== ____== ____=== __======= _______== ____|| |________________________ ____________________________|| |_______________________ D O O R ___________________________|| ------------------------------------------------------------ Notes on FUNDY: ============== Skip to "To install and run" if you're an impatient jerk (closet fundy?). Here's a FUNDY Door for most any OS/2 or DOS-based BBS. It consists of an executable (FUNDYOS2.EXE for OS/2, FUNDY.EXE for DOS) and various datafiles (in DATAFILE.ZIP). Source code is also included. A FOSSIL driver is required for the DOS version. The data files (*.DAT and *.SPC) aren't fleshed out as much as they could be; I can only type so much imitation fundy bullshit in one night, you know. So feel free to have at them. The files ending in .DAT should have one, two or three line "quotes" in them, the files ending in .SPC can have a full page per "quote." "Quotes" are separated within the files by two percent signs (%%) at the start of a "quote." Start the file with %% but DON'T end it with %% (has to do with the way the files are parsed; just trust me). Take a look at FLOOD.SPC for an example. BTW, the "opinions" expressed by The Fundy and the other main menu topics are those of actual fundies. Many come nearly verbatim from the Fidonet HOLYSMOKE echo. Yes, fundies really _are_ that damned dumb. The program was written in one night. "The Fundy" is pretty lame at this point. He picks out things from what the user types and spews some crap back out along the same topic. He doesn't really understand what he's being told, nor does he come up with anything particularly original. While this may make him exactly like a Real Fundy, I'd hope someone with some AI programming experience could give him a couple more neurons to play with. Maybe he should also beg for money... Joshua Lee wanted to add logic from Eliza to The Fundy's repertoire. Commendable; Send Code :-). Frederic Rice wants The Fundy to "learn." I think that'd probably turn him into an atheist in short order, but, again, Send Code. Frederic Rice and Steve Quarrella (HOLYSMOKE's resident Hispanic, according to fundy Ron Stringfellow) wanted conversations between The Fundy and users to be recorded in a log file. Added as an option. Various fundies in HOLYSMOKE think The Fundy is a hateful parody. They're sorta right; The Fundy is a parody of hatefulness. Debug mode will let you see which data file is being accessed in a given situation so you can figure out how to fine-tune the datafiles for the results you desire. FUNDY saves its relative position within the files in a small configuration file called FUNDY.CFG. Wipe it to reset everything to the start of the data files, possibly desirable if you edit the middle of a datafile, but probably not. IOW, just leave the darned thing alone. "Library of the Fundy" refers to some text files you can place into a directory named FLIBRARY off the directory from which you run FUNDY. If the directory's not there, the option won't appear on the list presented to the user. If it is there, the user can get a list of files in the directory and read any files in it. Files with extension ".ANS" are read as ANSI graphics files, others as text files in paged mode. Personally, I put real text files (not fundy schlock, stuff like debunking the Flood, Creationism, etc.) in the Library and let the people who use the Door figure it out... This thing was written using the DOORSKEL Door Driver Toolkit v2.00. I give the FUNDY*.EXE executables and the files FUNDY.C, FUNDY.H and all *.DAT and *.SPC files away to the Public Domain. Feel free to modify and improve and SHARE YOUR ENHANCEMENTS. If you see a user go into this Door more than two or three times, I'd suggest you either lock him/her/it out of your system or take up a collection for a brain implant for the poor unfortunate. I have actually seen people repeatedly visiting The Fundy trying to get him to shut up, or praising his wisdom. Go figure. To install and run: ================== Unzip DATAFILE.ZIP into the same directory that contains FUNDY.EXE. Always run FUNDY.EXE in that directory so it can find the datafiles. Edit *.DAT and *.SPC files to taste as described above. "FUNDYOS2 /? " or "FUNDY /?" for command line switches. Just "FUNDYOS2" or "FUNDY" to see it run locally. "FUNDYOS2 C## B1" or "FUNDY B1" is the minimum required command line to run online, using all defaults. Other command line switches modify behavior as you might expect. If your BBS can't pass command line switches but does create the DORINFO?.DEF drop file, you can give FUNDY the D command line arg to cause it to read that file. Note you'll need to give a node number first if using more than one node... Special local keys supported by FUNDY.EXE: ALT-H: hang up, end program ALT-J: jump to local OS shell ALT-+: increase time by 1 minute ALT--: decrease time by 1 minute ALT-C: enter/exit chat mode ALT-X: exit NOW ALT-F1-ALT-F10: reads files FUNDYTXT.### to user (where ### is 001-010 and is the same as the function key number). CTRL-ALT-DEL: guess Big Red Switch: guess again To modify the FUNDY source code: =============================== The only source files you need to really worry about are fundy.c and fundy.h. In fundy.h you can add other topics (interesting words) to the lists and recompile. It's pretty simple stuff, as the difficult work is all in the Door driver code (which you can consider a black box). The Door driver code is contained in DRSK_200.LZH which is available here, or from better programming BBSes. Hector Plasmic Fidonet#1:380/16.1 (318)222-3455 data


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