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Xref: ncsuvx talk.religion.misc:31241 talk.religion.newage:8098 Path: ncsuvm!ncsuvx!mephisto!tut.cis.ohio-state.edu!cica!iuvax!maytag!daemon From: jb@csg.UWaterloo.CA (Jim Bruyn) Newsgroups: talk.religion.misc,talk.religion.newage Subject: RFI - Freedom Village Message-ID: <1990Sep18.152152.28757@maytag.waterloo.edu> Date: 18 Sep 90 15:21:52 GMT Sender: daemon@maytag.waterloo.edu (Admin) Distribution: na Organization: Computer Systems Group, U of Waterloo Lines: 54 Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are solely the author's. If you have heard of Rev. Fletcher Brothers,or the home that he operates - Freedom Village, or have seen either of his videos "Escaping Satan's Web" or "Rock Music and Suicide", I would be interested in hearing your comments, or anything else that you may know about him. Also if you have heard of Michael Paul & Associates I would like information about them. -- The following is an expert from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle of Tuesday Sept. 18 "Freedom Village U.S.A. the Yates County boarding school for troubled teen-agers run by TV and radio evangelist Pastor Fletcher Brothers, is more than $21 million in debt, including $15.6 million in personal loans from hundreds of individuals. In documents filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Rochester, the church school has identified $21,617,440 in debts and $12,819,497 in assets and property. Freedom Village filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy law last month. The documents made available yesteday included a 25 page list of 1,265 unsecured loans bypeople from all over the nation, some of whome made more than one loan to the ministry. The single biggest creditor listed in the court documents is the PTL Network, the Christian-programming network once run by Jim and Tammy Bakker and now in bankruptcy itself. The PTL Network broadcasts 'Victory Today', Brothers' youth-outreach television show. Freedom Village owes the network $395,260. Despite the river of red ink, Freedom Village Vice President Paul McCandless said yesterday that the ministry is on a firm footing and will recover financially. "We're very much a viable organization," McCandless said. "Even with giving at the levels it's at, we know it can survive. As the organization gets healthy again -- and that's as the organization gets healthy, not if -- we will work on this back debt" Among the top 20 unsecured creditors are two other broadcast outlets, WTXF of Phoneix Ariz., and the Keystone Inspirational Network of Red Lion, Pa. There are also 16 individuals or coupes among the top 20 creditors, who together are owed $2.02 million. ..." Thanks in advance Jim Bruyn


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