%% Ideas by themself can never stand alone. They are always built on a series of other ide

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%% Ideas by themself can never stand alone. They are always built on a series of other ides... or theories. Let's say for example I build a pyramid out of building blocks. Now, there are a series of blocks i must build to finally end up with a pyramid. These blocks in themselves resemble only blocks... but when coupled with other blocks will resemble a pyramid. Now in the case of a pyramid I can remove a couple of the blocks and still retain the general shape of the pyramid. However if I remove any of the base blocks my pyramid will come tumbling down. Noah's flood is a historical event in the Bible. It is one of the ground blocks. If it cannot be proven or disproven then Christianity itself is a farce. The accuracy of Noah's flood is essential to the basic beliefs of Christianity. %% Written accounts can never quite prove Noah's flood to the uinbeliever unless of course they are from the witnesses themselves and our written accounts are not. So somehow we must prove scientifically the possibility (while I believe I have exact evidence to prove the existence of the flood, I do not have to prove beyond belief the existence, only give reasonable doubt to the evoultion/other theories) Since there is no (acceptable) WRITTEN evidence we must go to the only evidence we have. Before we submit our evidence we must agree to the method of acceptable measurement of time. That is to say something that everyone in general can accept as a history book as to earth and it's life span. %% The Sedimentary rock, or stratisfied rock, or strata for short provides just such vehicle. I do not propose to know all that there is to know regarding this area of science but I do know enough. Going through the layers of strata on earth is like going through a History book of earth. For instance sandstone is always above shale -shale is made of very fine material, almost silt, and almost always is a result of still waters. Sandstone is coarser and granular, usually found for instance in a desert. Each layer of strata tells a story, whether there layed a desert, an ocean, volcano, whatever, all faithfully recorded. With such a trusty accounting registering volcanoes and the like there is no way that a diaster of the magnitude of the flood could have occurred without leaving it's mark. What we know of the earth and it's history has been learned by water, more accurately rain that has carried 30,000 tons of sediment a year to various areas of the earth. Washed into those sedimentary layers are other things beside soil. Things like dead animals, leaves, fish, snails, and shells, etc. %% The strata is our key to the past and ALL SCIENTIST have readily agreed to this. There are only a few places we are accurately able to examine this strata. One of the best and largest places in the world to do this is in the Grand Canyon- a mile deep in some places. Between this area and the beginning of the conglomerate one hundred miles to the north at Brianhead (which rises 1.5 miles above sea level)we have one of our most complete geological stories of earth. There are some 23,000 vertical feet of earth's history exposed between these points. This too will encompasss the Colorado plateau. In this plateau we have our most credible, concrete evidence for the flood. %% EVIDENCE #1 Marine deposits..... There is a children's game which we have all played where we look at pictures and determine what doesn't fit. Science does the same thing... even with poor fits. We have found marine shells (ocean strata) buried in the Carmel formation sediment that emcompasses a 200,000 sq. mile area. In fact, they have found more Ocean Strata on the land then there is land strata and once more this formation is 800 miles from the ocean. Dr.Don Zorn Sedimentologist from Austria reports the same type of strata in similar situiations in the Eastern Alps of Austria. There are many more formations with equal results but space limits examples. %% EVIDENCE #2 Widespread deposits.... 70 miles east lie the Shinarump i conglormerate. A belt 90 feet thick, covering 100,000 sq miles in New i Mexico... they are similar to deposits caused by water formations. they are not lake deposits which are made of fine silt, clay and are very even deposits. The sediments are coarser like that that a river would form however it strtches the mind to think of a 100,000 sq. mile river that would deposit layers so thin. Both the Shinarump formation and the Chinle formation above it have petrified wood mixed in with course rocky sediment... different areas all washed in together? This is also common in Steinkar Lake (where the strata ought to be silt)Utah, Red Canyon Wyoming, and the Dakota Formation in S. Dakota. We also see this very same pattern and once more dinasaur fossils i covered by marine fossils (oceanic strata) in the Morrison Formation an area covering 400,000 sq. miles from Texas to Canada. Different deposits located in different areas totally unfamaliar to their respective areas. Hmmmmm???? %% EVIDENCE #3.......... Turbidity Currents- many years ago some of our most important inventions were patented. Among these were the telephone and a feat unequaled transatlantic submerged telephone cables. this also set the stage for one of our most important geological discoveries... On Nov., 18, 1929 the New England coast experience a powerful earthquake centered along the continental shelf off Newfoundland Canada. right on top of one of the busiest cable centers in the world. The continental shelf was crossed by 13 of these cables. There were eight slightly higher then the others each one descending a few feet lower then the next one... like fingers of a hand. The first eight all at the same level broke instantly but the other five broke one at a time....slowly over 13 hours..... In 1952 two scientist discovered why. They discovered what we call TURBIDITY CURRENTS- an underwater avalanche. %% These TURBIDITY CURRENTS usually occur at the mouth ofa river where silt and deposits build up but not always.. Suddenly due to the weight burden they break loose and rush through the water very much like a land avanlanche would. The mass because it is heavier moves as a single unit quickly covering great areas of ground/ocean. It is possible to reach speeds of 65mph. These are called Turbiditers... it covered 40,000 sq.miles and 2 feet thick in 13 hours. Strangely we find turbidites in the Grand Canyon. We know they are turbidites because turbidites all have common characteristics....certain common features. Arjen Van Der Wolf Sedimentaologist from the Netherlands reports that we find that as many as 30% of all sediments on land were deposited by turbidites. %% What's this have to do with anything? Geologist use to think it had taken hundreds even thousands of years to make these formations. Tens of thousands of layers that we once thought took a long period of time to deposit we are now finding could have been rapidly formed. We now know it could have happened in Days. So, many on land that we once assumed took thousand of years to form, we now know could have happened quickly. Tom Zoutwelle Sedimentologist reports turbidity covering the Netherlands uniformly thick... we have also found them in Blounay, Switerzland, Le Sepey, Switerzland, Castle Point, New Zealand. We have massive sedimentation throughout the world that were deposited quickly and underwater...just the kind of thing we'd expect to find from a world-wide flood. %% EVIDENCE #4.... Lack of Erosion- the Sedimentary layers in Grand Canyon appear to be an orderly record of the past..... but great gaps of time exist blocks of the record that seem to have disappeared. What happened ? As each layer is made there is a thin line between it and the next layer of sediment. This line is important because it represents the amount of time transpired between the one layer of sediment and the next layer....days, weeks, months, years. Erosion helps us determinethis. it is a constant that doesn't change much. So if a sediment layer has been exposed for any length of time we should i see some signs of erosion. The longer the time the more erosion. But if the lines are straight (dips and dives indicate erosion) or flat contact lines we can expect so pretty fast movement even by geologist standards. %% One of these supposed time gaps is said to represent 100-150 million of years. In that time frame you would expect alot of erosion to be evident. Yet the Redwall Plateau shows straight contact lines. hmmmm As well the time gaps in the Colorado Plateau indicates almost 200 million years are gone but the contact lines show no evidence of erosion. 1)either we had erosion MUCH slower in the past 2)The missing layers were eroded evenly and new layers were layed wuickyl and evenly as the case would be in a world-wide flood. Also unique to the erosion evidence is that we have areas that show tremendous erosion and areas that show little erosion but the next layers are the same sediment ... Same deposits layed down in different areas on different levels as would be possible in a global flood. %% One notable feature of the Bible account of the flood sets it off from all other flood accounts discoverable among other nations. Flood sagas have been preserved among the most diverse tribes and nations all over the world: the Babylonians(who call their Noah by Utnapishtim)the Sumerians(Ziusidru, the Greeks (Deucalion), the Hindus(manu)the Chinese (Fah-he) the Hawiians (Nu-u) the Mexican Indians (Tezpi)the Algonquins(Manabozho) and the silly little godless humans (Quarrela). All these relate how this lone survivor(except of course slgh-quarrela-they make him a god)with perhaps his wife/children and a friend or too was saved from the destruction of a universal flood and was then faced with the task of repopulating a devasted earth after the flood waters receeded. But of all these accounts the Genesis account record indicates with exactitude of a diary or ship's log the date of the inception of the deluge, the length of the downpour, the length of the time the water remained at it's maxium, the date at which the tops of mountains became visible, the length of time for plant life to become evident and the precise day of Noah's emerging from the ark. This is obviously a personal record that goes back to Noah himself. %% There was an ice canopy around the earth about 5000 years ago. This provided a greenhouse effect that kept the dinosaurs alive. When it meleted and the waters came out of the great deep to flood the earth, the earth cooled off and killed the dinosaurs. The earth was much flatter then, so the water stood to the highest mountains, just like the bible said. Then GOD thrust up the mountains and sunk the seas to hold the water. In the end days god will reverse this process to create heaven on earth. %% The land and flying dinosaurs could only have survived on the Ark, only to disembark at the end of the flood into a strange and hostile world. We can surmise that the environmental conditions, with the sparse vegetation, the destruction of the pre-flood water canopy, and the temperature extremes during the ensuing Ice Age would have caused types to have become extinct, a process which continues today. Evidently the dinosaurs just didn't make it.


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