To: All May-07-94 02:37:12 Subject: 05-may-94 Nat'

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From: Albertus Magnus To: All May-07-94 02:37:12 Subject: 05-may-94 Nat'l Day of Fear Well, how did you all spend your National Day of Fear? I spent the day holed up in my underground bunker here at CerBab Central. I was tuned into WARV (Christian Radio) all day long listening for any troop movement reports and I had my 9mm glock loaded and ready. I had a bedsheet ready with the words "Reggie Denny, I understand!" emblazoned on it... not to mention a few "I love the BATF" bumper stickers. I stacked up several Bibles in front of my desk here so I could hide behind them as I crouched under the desk for shelter from any aerial mortar fire. I figured the Christian stormtroopers wouldn't fire on me... risking the desecration of all those lovely King James Versions. Nothing happened. I suspect that word got out that I was ready... so Billy Bubba called it all off. I had a good tip from Lyndon LaRouche that they were coming to get me... but it didn't happen. It's that damn freedom of the press, I tell ya! -TR ... A jest's prosperity lies in the ear that hears it. - Shakespeare --- Blue Wave/TG v2.12 * Origin: {Cerebral Babylon} E.Prov/RI 401-435-3576 v.32bis (1:323/110.0)


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