'Paul Kurtz's _The_Transcendental_Temptation_.' __________________________________________

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From: Sean McCullough "Paul Kurtz's _The_Transcendental_Temptation_." ___________________________________________________________________________ Faith Type | Nickname | Concept --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TYPE I | "Intransigent Faith" | Faith unmoved by contrary | | evidence of any kind --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TYPE II | "The Will to Believe" | Faith held without any evidence | "Pascal's Wager" | for or against it --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TYPE III | "Hypotheses Based Upon | Faith based upon prior observation | Evidence" | of empirical fact ___________________________________________________________________________ Examples: When I step off of a street corner, with the green light favoring my direction of travel, I am exercising faith that I will have reasonable time and conditions for crossing. As I am basing this on previous observation of traffic lights, and my knowledge of the intentions of those who designed and installed the devices, this qualifies as Type III faith. When I vote Democratic, because that's the way my family and I have always voted for generations, I am exercising Type II faith.


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