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ST LOUIS POST DISPATCH TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2 1993 SECTION C, PAGE 1 CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST HERE EXPEL DISSENTER The Christian Science church has expelled a forth-generation member because she criticized the church in an article in the Post Dispatch last spring and in a speech this fall. Suzanne Shepard of Ladue was expelled from the church's Kirkwood branch last month, two days after she appeared before the church's board to respond to a complaint. In a letter, the church's board told Shepard that she was being expelled because her public statements about Christian Science demonstrated "a departure from radical reliance on spiritual methods as a basis for practicing Christian Science." ====================== Now without having to type in the entire article at this time I will give an accurate summary of what happened. I have followed this story for over 6 months. Shepard was a "practioner" or "healer" for the church. She has advised families in the past to withold medical treatment in accordance with church law, resulting in several deaths of church members from illnesses that were treatable. When her own daughter developed appendicitis she was advised by another "healer" to withold medical care. The daughters appendix ruptured, peritonitis set in, the daughter slipped into a comma, and was dying. Shepard took the daughter to the hospital over strong protests by the church and her "healer" adviser. The daugther was treated successfully and recovered. Shepard went public with statements that Christian Science should include provisions for medical care in it's faith healing. For this, and saving the life of her daughter, she was expelled. ... Fundamentalism means never having to open your mind. ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12


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