ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP), Friday Novemvber 12, 1993 Ex-Policeman, Priest Charged In Heist A re

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP), Friday Novemvber 12, 1993 Ex-Policeman, Priest Charged In Heist A retired police officer and a priest were among three mem charged Friday in connection with the robbery Jan 5 of $7.4 million from a Brink's armored car depot. Arrested were Thomas O'Connor, Patrick Maloney, and Samuel Millar, said FBI agent Paul Moskal. O'Connor, a 20 year veteran of the Rochester Police Department, worked for Brink's at the time of the robbery. He was charged with violating a federal law and knowingly receiving, possessing or concealing stolen federally insured funds. Maloney, a priest in New York City, and Samuel Millar, who is self-employed, were arrested on the same charges, Moskal said. O'Connor was placed in federal custody after his arraignment. It was not immediately known if Maloney and Millar, who also is from New York City, were arraigned. Moskal said evidence recovered in raids in New York City tied the three to the holdup. The FBI released few other details, saying that search warrants still were being executed Friday night and that agents did not want to jeopardize the investigation. At least two robbers entered the Brink's Inc. depot, a transfer point for money collected from area banks, subdued the employees and fled with about $7.4 million in cash. Authorities have refused to say how many employees were in the depot at the time or how they were subdued. Authorities had said earlier that two of the robbers were wearing ski masks and a third was dressed in an armored car company uniform. O'Connor, who retired from the police force in 1982, was found about two hours after the robbery at a resturant about five miles from the depot. He said he had been abducted by the robbers. He told police the gunmen had covered his head with a bag and left him in the resturant parking lot. He was hospitalized briefly after complaining of chest pains. ... Stop Crime! Call the police on your clergyman today!


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