18-Apr-93 22:00 Don Funderburg Get ready for '1994?' Well fellow Atheist get ready for ano

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18-Apr-93 22:00 Don Funderburg Get ready for "1994?" Well fellow Atheist get ready for another "end of the world" insurgence. There is another book out called "1994?" Written by (since I didn't waste my money on it I cannot recall)? Glancing through the book the author claims that the end will be between September 15 and September 27 of 1994. He makes many references to events around the world and relates them to the bible. I had an experience with this same issue a few years ago that has made me boycott a certain restaurant to which I will keep nameless at this time. The book then called "88 reasons why the Rapture is in 88" forced me into the issue with the following event. My family and I arrived at this steak house for dinner when we were interrupted by customers and staff trying to coerce us into watching a movie that was based on the book. It seems that the owner/manager was involved with this cult. It was a bad experience for my whole family because the employees were more interested in the movie than serving our food. I wrote the manager/owner the day after the world was to end. I did not get a reply. Anyway that is much water under the bridge. If you have seen the cover to this book "1994?", and the books stores here in Fresno had the shelves lined with them, you cannot help but take notice. There is a small possibility that this book can take some interest in another "doom and the world will end" crusade, sparking interest in many mystics trying to convert the few. Well I have an idea, one that will need repeating if this grows up to a full blown issue. I will be throwing a party on September 28th 1994! And all those not destroyed by the "END" can come. I will have all my friends there and we can call it "The end of the world NOT" party. Lets have fun with this one. Never getting SAVED again, Don Funderburg


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