Msg # 304 Date: 21 Jun 92 08:51:05 Did you ever see this song I wrote a few years back

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Msg # 304 Date: 21 Jun 92 08:51:05 From: Styx Allum Did you ever see this song I wrote a few years back? (I can't remember if I showed it to you or not) DOGMA ROCK - Styx Allum 9/15/89 This mantis doesn't pray. The Jesus-freaks can go their way passing judgement amongst themselves and those who refuse to obey an imaginary god created in their own image that changes day by day. A marriage of convenience: A man and his beliefs. A pied piper of pea-brains on a holy path of thieves. Dogma. Dogma Rock! Throw caution to the heavens and preach what you believe. Praying for salvation from the lord that you conceive. Understanding misconception is the hardest part. The logic of illogic makes a reverand look smart. Preaching what they practice with deceptive precision, quoting from a book of their favorite revision. They warn us that our sins will cast our souls to purgatory, but the price of salvation is a whole 'nuther story! Dust to dust, ash to ash. If you wanna get to heaven, give the preacher all your cash. Dogma. Dogma Rock! Hear music from the heavens with your fingers in your ears. Thinking with a book instead of what's between your ears. Deities are mysteries accepted by the masses. Miracles are easy ways of covering their asses. Excuse their excuses. Believe their beliefs. Accept their acceptances and grieve their griefs. If you never use your mind, you'll get to where you're going. Accept their truth and you will find... their god is not worth knowing. Dogma. Dogma Rock! Realizing that religion is nothing but a crock. --- * Origin: Out in the Styx - Eugene, OR 345-2582 HST/14.4 (1:152/20)


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