DOGMA AND TRUTH Herbert Spencer said that 'Science is the classified common knowledge of t

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DOGMA AND TRUTH --------------- Herbert Spencer said that "Science is the classified common knowledge of the common people." Then we note from Hubbard that "All that which is simply assumed, believed, conjectured, taken on dogmatic statement, or read out of printed books is unscientific, no matter how plausible." This brings to mind the idea that what we know is based on some factual phenomenon, while "belief" has no factual basis, is never verifiable in reality, and rests on conjecture, and pronouncements of so-called "authorities". For some, philosophy is an avocation. We must be careful of those who make a business of philosophy because it can become as institutionalized as religion. Such degrades both religion and philosophy. We need to understand in this context that a religious organization is different from "religion." The former is built on a feeling that is static, or fear frozen stiff. The fear is excommunication. Such is superstition and it is employed much like a police state. Natural religion is the whole of ones being, expressing itself in terms of daily living removed from what is hearsay and belief in the supernatural. Science is a definite, accurate, organized knowledge concerning the things which are in the environment. From this knowledge flows philosophy as an explanation of science. To be scientific, anything must be capable of analysis and demonstration through weight, color, number, quantities, time and other measurable characteristics. These characteristics can be interpreted to the senses through a variety of tangible instruments including, of course, the ears, eyes, nose, taste, touch, etc. Science is an omnivorous study for the truth in all things. Theology, on the other hand, is an archaic and obsolete philosophy. The churchmen brag that their religion is infallible and eternal. They fear exposure of what they propose to scrutiny or demands for evidence in the truthfulness of their proposals. They can demonstrate no truth other than to say that one must believe and obey. Such is only a brand of voodooism and is allied to alchemy, astrology, augury, and allopathic medicine. The things of science are known and understood, while theology is merely believed. Religion is superstition and little more than a scrambled omelet of make believe. Yet it serves as the basis of religion as presented by the theologians. It has no scientific basis and is bolstered by fear and lies. People are held in slavery of all kinds in the name of religion. Behind every large church in feudal times was a bastille for imprisoning those who questioned, or who were identified as incomplete believers. Priests needed such prisons. Punishments for abdication of responsibilities, or variance in belief are wielded out from "guardians" of religious orders to maintain the congregation in state of perpetual homeostasis. Some churchmen want to pass laws to make people believe. Legislatures are urged to pass laws to make prayer mandatory in our schools. The churchmen will sprinkle holy water or in other ways bless the legislators who do so. Do you believe in the supernatural? How about fairies, angels, resurrection from the dead, immaculate conception, heaven, hell, the bogey man, lucky stones, holy water, ascending to heaven, ghosts, miracles, and hundreds more? To do so is to compromise your objectivity in scientific reasoning. QED. -- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- !{ihnp4!hpda!seismo!utah-cs!uplherc}!sp7040!dale dale@sp7040.UUCP (Dale Clark) RECOVERED FROM RELIGION FOR GOOD.


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