Michael Swanson, 1:264/611 (Wednesday October 20 1993 20:56) DIARY of an OPERATION RESCUE

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Michael Swanson, 1:264/611 (Wednesday October 20 1993 20:56) DIARY of an OPERATION RESCUE NUT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ October 6 - Today I marched against those devil books in school. October 7 - Today I went to the local Christian Coalition meeting October 8 - Today I recieved a book from Pat Roberston ministries as a result of my love gift donation. October 9 - Read one paragraph of book with aid of neighbor. October 10 - Went to a local march against those blacks trying to move into my town. October 11 - Passed by an abortion clinic and yelled obsceneties. October 12 - Watched the 700 Club October 13 - Began calling people with the phone and warning them about the devil plot to kill babies October 14 - Bought a gun. October 15 - Bought a book with lots of pictures of doctors and put them on trees outside. October 16 - Shot at posters, but did not hit them. October 17 - Went to an anti-abortion demonstration at the steps of an abortion clinic. October 18 - While walking down the street saw a women with lots of makeup on and stopped her and told her what a sinner she is. October 19 - Read the bible over and over again, but somehow skipped the part were it said thou shall not judge others. October 20 - My target practice is getting better. October 21 - My neighbor was mugged while walking down the street. I decide to carry my gun for protection. October 22 - While driving down the road with my gun I spot a doctor entering an abortion clinic. My anger grows. I walk inside and blow his brains out with my gun. Police come and I'm killed in the shootout.


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