Warren Vonroeschlaub CONTRACT: Destroying the Earth PURPOSE This contra

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Warren Vonroeschlaub CONTRACT: Destroying the Earth Organization: Ministry of Silly Walks From: kv07@IASTATE.EDU (Warren Vonroeschlaub) Message-ID: 1992Oct21.181652@iastate.edu Reply-To: kv07@IASTATE.EDU (Warren Vonroeschlaub) Newsgroups: talk.origins,rec.arts.sf.science PURPOSE This contract is to achieve the destruction of the earth by allowing it to enter the Sun's corona. This will be done by slowing the orbit of the Earth. METHOD The Earth shall be stopped in successive steps. Asteroids and small moons in the Solar System will be diverted into the Earth. As the orbit of the Earth becomes more elliptical, impacts shall be contnued at the apogee of the orbit, ensuring the minimal amount of energy needed to slow the motion of the Earth relative to the Sun. The first step will be to impact the moon while it is on the trailing edge of the Earth, strongly enough to divert it from its current orbit to an orbit around the Sun. The drag caused by the retreating moon will help slow the Earth, and the moon can be impacted with shattering force and used as Earth-impacting material later. MATERIALS The following debris, in space, shall be used to impact the Earth from space. Objects that are large enough to shatter the Earth will be split into smaller pieces first. The asteroids: approximate total mass 7x10^21 kg The moon: approximate mass 7x10^22 kg Other small bodies:depending on choice: 10^16-10^24 kg Total: approximate mass of 7.7x10^22 kg To counteract a kinetic energy of 1.7794 kg m/s the mass of impacting bodies must be accelerated to 2.311x10^6 m/s, or 0.0077 c. MODE OF OPERATIONS This will be achieved by the use of a large number of specially designed rockets. A large percentage of the bulk of these engines will be fule tanks containing water that has been properly sterilized to prevent life from surviving. Solar panals will be used to provide energy to dissociating the hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen shall be used as fuel while they are being produced. Note that the large amount of water covering the Earth may not be enough, but there are always the moons of Saturn. The use of water also has the benefit of reducing the Earths mass. Drilling and extracting the Earths molten material may be considered as useful in reducing the mass also. Whenever possible, nuclear propulsion shall be used, as it is considerably more effective. | __L__ ******************************* -|- ___ * Warren Kurt vonRoeschlaub * | | o | * kv07@iastate.edu * |/ `---' * Iowa State University * /| ___ * Math Department * | |___| * 400 Carver Hall * | |___| * Ames, IA 50011 * J _____ *******************************


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