To: Frederic Rice Oct-04-93 00:02:00 Subject: Witchcraft I f

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From: Starwyn To: Frederic Rice Oct-04-93 00:02:00 Subject: Witchcraft I forwarded this from another echo, this missive is between Mr. Stacey and myself...laugh away! MM> SB> My point is that witchcraft puts you into contact with MM>demonic forces. Like Fundies? MM> SB> which can gain possesion of the person who pratices MM> SB> the black arts. You can ask any witch around that they MM> SB> know the danger of the occult and even they themselves MM> SB> cannot protect themselves from the enslavement of MM> SB> demons. You can use a circle to protect you but it MM> SB> really doesn't protectr from the demons you are MM> SB> calling up. In fact quite a few witches have gone MM> SB> insane or committed suicide as a result of practicing MM> SB> their craft and the rituals they use to invoke the MM> SB> spirits. Some witches claim that they use white magic MM> SB> and that they use it for good. However it can't be MM> SB> used for good because you are dealing with familiar MM> SB> spirits and demons and all such assoication with the MM> SB> spirit world is forbidden by God as the Bible says it MM> SB> is. What *really* drives us insane is reading this stupid shit you fundies post about my religion. Since when are you an expert anything spiritual? I've never known of anyone being possessed by evil critters, and truly believe only you fundies get possessed. I've heard of cars being RE-possessed, but never people in real time getting possessed, unless they attended too many tent revivals. Witches go insane, eh? who tells you these fairy tales, Stace? Your preacher? Is HE possessed? (No doubt he is) When you folks claim you're *filled with the spirit* isn't that being possessed? Or are we arguing the fact of who's possessions are more scary, mine or the Xtains? IMHO, the fundies are scarier and have more chance of doing harm than any self-respecting Witch I know. WE certainly don't roll around in the aisles and wave our arms speaking in some strange noises, scaring little old ladies and children. (I'm suprised your pets don't run away from home) Then you proceed to go home and call this "Touched by the Spirit". Sick shit, Stacey-Boy. BTW: We don't consort with your demons, as we don't have any-nor do we have trouble keeping things out of circles. (Especially not fundie-dudies) We work with our Deity just like you profess to do, and have never claimed to call forth your mythical Satan, or some such hogwash. This is just more retarded psycho-babble from folks wanting you to reach deep into your pockets on Sunday morning, so your head preacher, can drive a cadillac and afford his whores. (You and I both know how expensive those can be) White Witch is a stupid name, and no-one with any true knowledge even uses it. A Witch is just a Witch, no more no less. Most people in the Craft have personal ethics, which is more than I can say for alot of Xtians these days. We have never burned people alive for not practising our religion, nor do we ask for large amounts of poor folks money (but feel free to drop me a check), neither do we consort with evil or deem to practise it. This sort of bullshit is what gets people killed in the name of God, and promotes fear in the world in the ignorant (such as yourself). I'm glad you're happy with God and have found a place for it in your life, but why can't you be happy that I"M happy with mine, and leave it at that? Why must you folks constantly seek to change us? We have our own sense of Deity, and are very content and live a whole, meaningful life (Demon-free I'm afraid to say) and don't want, nor need your kind of help. Pray for us, if you wish, but don't try to convert or change us. We're happy as pigs in swill just the way we are,and I'll get to heaven before you will. Or maybe if heaven is as stiff and boring as Fundies make it, I'd rather go to Martin's MIL least *they* serve refreshments. You might consider getting educated about what you babble...all above statements made by you on MY religion are untrue, unfounded and not even laughable. (But I'm in a charitable mood), how about that blowjob? --- DB 1.54/002462 * Origin: The Gates of Delirium (1:104/515)


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