Suspect to Suspect: 'I Know You Did the Right Thing' Associated Press -- 08/21/93 The Pens

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Suspect to Suspect: "I Know You Did the Right Thing" Associated Press -- 08/21/93 ---------------------------------------------------- The Pensacola (Fla) News Journal has obtained copies of 25 admiring letters sent by the suspect in Friday's shooting of a doctor outside a Wichita, Kan, abortion clinic to Michael Griffin, the abortion foe accused of fatally shooting Dr. David Gunn outside a Pensacola clinic in March. "I know you did the right thing," reads one of Rachelle Renae "Shelley" Shannon's letters. "It was not murder. You shot a murderer. It was more like anti-murder. I believe in you and what you did, and really want to help if possible. I wish I could trade places with you." Mrs Shannon's letters called Griffin "a brave soldier," "a hero" and "awesome," the News Journal reports. Griffin is awaiting a Sept 20 trial on a murder charge and could be sentenced to death if convicted. The newspaper quotes passages in which Mrs Shannon writes approvingly of arson fires at abortion clinics. She contributed at least $160 to a fund for Griffin's defense. The letters indicate Griffin wrote back at least once and telephoned her. At the time of her arrest, according to a police affidavit, Mrs. Shannon said: "If there ever was a justifiable homicide, this would have been it." With shaking hands clutching a small gold New Testament, Mrs. Shannon agreed during a 10-minute hearing Friday in Oklahoma City to waive extradition and return to Wichita, officials said. If convicted of Friday's nonfatal shooting of Dr. George Tiller, she faces a sentence of 9 years and 2 months in prison. =============================================================== I guess her "gold new testiment" left out the ten commandments.


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